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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
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I am seeing reports that FL had 9,000 cases today.

Is this correct?

Maybe its why #DeSantisResign is trending on Twitter. It would be a shame if it continued to trend because the entire planet sees what a cluster FL is right now.

FL reported 5,508 new CV cases. Blows our previous record away.

DeSantis has lost control but he will come up with some lame excuse that young people are getting more and so theres no reason to be concerned. Or hell blame Hispanic migrant workers like he did last week.

DeSantis messed up the unemployment comp system and now hes letting the virus grow exponentially. And this is the guy Trump endorsed.

Heads up. Alex Berenson, wing nut, is stirring the pot to rile up parents/GOP vs teachers unions

He is tweeting away about the FOO scoring points against teachers. As a teacher, I say screw him! Dont let him!!


And FL sets another record. Over 3,200 new cases. #floridacoronavirus

was trending yesterday. Time to make it trend again. Any way you slice it, those are ugly numbers regardless of average age of those infected or the hospital beds in use (which is a lagging indicator).

DeSantis declares FL won't roll back the reopening. Full steam ahead!

But we had over 2,600 new cases yesterday. Our chart is exploding. He says many are younger people. He also said many are migrants in south Fl and he literally said yesterday at his news conference many are Hispanic day laborers in the Panhandle. No one would say white day laborers!

Regardless of whom is infected, they can infect other people!! What part of that does he not understand???


FL sets yet another record with 2700+ new cases yesterday.

Does anyone know the percent positive?

This is concerning and DeSantis is not being transparent.

3rd consecutive record day for positive COVID rates in FL.

And its not even close.

14 June 2581 Positive cases
13 June 1902 Positive cases
12 June 1698 Positive cases (precious record was in April)

Can that be explained solely as a function of more testing? I doubt it.

STAY HOME! FL surges to highest positive coronavirus test rate.

1,698 new cases. Another article I read today from the Orlando Sentinel said we are up to a 6.1% positive test rate which is higher than the 5.3% average.

And if you have to go out, stay 6 feet away from people and wear a dang mask!


Protests in Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Ft Lauderdale, & online regarding unemployment comp.

Heads up, DUers. These protests will be tomorrow, Wed 6/10.

Please show up if you can! Im looking for precise locations. If anyone knows, please help with locations tomorrow.


FL voter registration site

Please use this to register to vote or pass it along to others so they can register.

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