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OrlandoDem2's Journal
OrlandoDem2's Journal
April 28, 2020

Trump ignored the Presidential Daily Briefings in looming pandemic?


This is a dereliction of duty. He should be arrested today if this is true!

This needs to be discussed far and wide!


April 27, 2020

Democrats should call for a day of mourning for those who've died of COVID.

Democrats in Congress and state legislatures should also call for a 10% reduction in Congressional/legislative pay like so many Americans across the country have taken. Solidarity.

These kinds of things are what the average person understands and would remind everyone that Democrats are the party of the regular person.

April 5, 2020

Will FL Democrats finally be able to break through and make major legislative gains?

For over 20 years FL has been ruled by Republicans. The legislature and the governor’s office have been owned by the GOP since the 1990s.

But Democrats running for the legislature should tie the terrible response by DeSantis to all GOP candidates for local and state office.

The unemployment compensation website is a disaster and that will impact hundreds of thousands of workers.

The slow response by the state government to this pandemic has been lackluster at best. Not shutting down beaches, scenes of crowded beaches, should be in every campaign commercial.

FL Dem candidates need to take the lead NOW and start wearing homemade face masks in public. They ought to act NOW and start calling for protections to our public health and public schools. Paint the GOP as slaves to corporate America because there will be revenue shortfalls and the GOP WILL balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class. The FL Dems need to call for an expansion of Medicaid.

In short, FL Dems are being handed the 2020 election on a silver platter. They can’t squander it or we will have another decade of GOP rule after gerrymandering.

April 3, 2020

Politico article slams FL GOP over state's unemployment comp website

TALLAHASSEE — The staggering unemployment exploding on President Donald Trump’s watch would worry any incumbent running for reelection, but troubles in Florida are injecting an added dose of fear into a jittery GOP.

Already anxious about Trump’s chances in the nation’s biggest swing state, Republicans now are dealing with thousands of unemployed workers unable to navigate the Florida system to apply for help. And the blowback is directed straight at Trump’s top allies in the state, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott.


FL Democrats need to destroy the GOP on this for the next 11 months. And we need to hope the working class and middle class in FL figure out who is at fault and vote accordingly in November.

April 1, 2020

DeSatan suffers a blow from federal appeals court regarding voting rights.

DeSatan and the GOP don’t want ex-felons to vote. Floridians disagreed and voted for voting rights for ex-felons in 2018.


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