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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 1,956

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Keep pressure on DeSatan! He is doing nothing to make unemployment comp accessible.

Everyone knows his inaction on shelter-in-place decrees during this pandemic.

Please read this. People laid off are struggling to access FLís unemployment comp website. This is an ongoing issue.


What reporter asked Trump about networks not showing his press conferences?

I did not catch the reporterís media affiliation.

Ron DeSantis (aka Trump Jr) questions whether schools should've been shut down.

Good Lord we are in trouble. Floridians, you need to light up his phone line, email, and twitter right effing now and donít stop until this man finds out how pissed we are at him.


Democrats should introduce logistics for the general election during a pandemic

I hope the Democrats introduce a plan for the election this November. We need to plan ahead as a nation. What if this thing hasnít gone away? What if it goes away and then flares up by October?

We need more early voting. We need more mail in ballots. We need more same day registration. We need voting to be a national holiday. We need our college kids to have every opportunity to vote.

While Trump plans to reopen the economy at the wrong time in 2 weeks, we could steal the spotlight by showing true leadership in a time of crisis by planning for the most important event in a democracy - election of leaders.

Orange County, FL mayor, Jerry Deming issues stay at home order!

Thank you, Mayor Deming, for valuing human life! This is important on so many levels.

If DeSantis, aka Trump Jr, wonít issue a stay at home order, at least our local officials will!


I seriously believe that Trump is going to announce that the US is open for business.

Just watch. In a week or so heís going to say it. Health care professionals, governors, rank and file Democrats (and anyone interested in public health and knowledgeable of science) better be ready. Itís coming.

Look at this, Floridians, and then tell DeSantis to order shelter in place!

This is horrible! Social distancing is not enough. Gov. DeSantis is useless and he is not leading! He is always following the other governors instead of acting boldly.


What did Joe Scar tell Schumer about Richard Burr this morning regarding coronavirus?

Iím waking up watching Joe bleary-eyed. It seems like Joe said that thereís a tape of Richard Burr felling constituents not to travel to Europe 3 weeks ago. Basically Joe was wondering out loud how the Trump admin was caught off guard if someone like Burr was giving warnings weeks ago.

Moral choices ahead with coming bailouts.

If airlines get a bailout from the public they should have to cut their carbon footprint and keep people employed.


Universities across America are shutting down. Is K-12 far behind?

Spring Break is starting soon (or underway in some areas).

Kids will travel with their families and inevitably bring home coronavirus. High schools are about to start prom season where kids will be in close contact. This thing could explode in about 2-3 weeks.
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