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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
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Are there any nationwide pro-conviction rallies this weekend? We need to take to the streets.

Maximum pressure must be applied!

Phone calls, emails, and rallies are all needed to put pressure on the GOP.

Val Demings is being pushed as VP candidate.

She is from the all important I-4 corridor of the all important swing state of FL.

African American, female, and sharp as a tack. Would make FL even more competitive for the Democratic presidential nominee.


Congresswoman Val Demmings has a high profile stage right now in Congress, a great personal back story, an impressive professional background, preacher-esque oratory skills, a reputation for a sharp, no-nonsense, strategic and tactical intellect, a lifelong commitment to law and order and enormous popularity back home.

Oh. And she’s black. And a woman.

And she’s from a critical swing state worth 29 electoral votes in an area considered one of the state’s most crucial voting blocs.

New poll shows Biden with lead over Trump in FL.

One of the chief arguments that advocates for Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy tout is that they say he's the only Democrat who can defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

That's apparently true in Florida, at least according to a poll released on Tuesday. The Mason-Dixon survey shows that Biden is the only Democrat among four who were listed in a one-on-one matchup with the president who comes out on top.

Florida's 29 electoral votes are the most of any swing-state in the 2020 contest.

Biden has consistently fared best against Trump in Florida polls.

Another poll taken in October showed Elizabeth Warren leading Trump.


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