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Orange County (FL) School District rejects union proposal for compensation

Teachers in OCPS are not happy with compensation based on bonuses rather than salary increase.


FL is now one of the least affordable states in the USA.

This shoots a hole in the claim that teacher wages, and those of so many others, can be lower due to the low cost of living. NOT!! If youíre thinking of trying to move here due to low cost, think again.


New teachers in Miami spend 72% of their income on housing.

How in the world do they eat? I guess when the state ranks 46th in teacher pay this is a result. Affordable housing for teachers is awful all over FL. It really doesnít pay to teach here.


Orlando area teachers being gouged on rent.

Thereís a reason why teachers in Orange, Co Florida rejected the Districtís ďpay raiseĒ. Itís not affordable for teachers to work and live in Central Florida! Donít even think about coming here to teach. In fact, one might want to reconsider teaching altogether at the current rate of pay!


Considering Florida currently ranks near the bottom nationally in public school spending and Orlando rental prices are increasingly getting worse, it really should come as no surprise that a new study found that local teachers can barely afford to live here.

According to a report released today from real estate site Zillow, starting teachers in the Orlando area are spending 50.4% of their income on rent, compared with 42.4% for mid-level teachers and 37.3% for the highest-paid veteran teachers.

I hope the people of El Paso show up to protest Trump's arrival.

This will be interesting.

We need another March for Our Lives. They are not listening.

We need Moms Demand Action or another organization to put another march together thatís twice as big. We need a massive voter registration to get the NRA sycophants out of office!

Orange Co. Teachers Upset at Small Wage Increase

And they wonder why no one wants to teach. The few who do want to go into teaching need their head examined.


Help Baby Trump come to Orlando! Please donate a small amount

Hereís the go fund me link.


A message from the OCPS CTA president about collective bargaining in Orange County, FL

Basically, in the view of the CTA, any salary increase will be offset by inflation and increases in health insurance.

This is why no one wants to teach.


SW FL teachers leaving in droves. Warn of bigger teacher shortages. Salary is the issue!

Once again, itís simply unaffordable to teach! Do not do it!!

There are conservatives who literally say they must keep teaching salaries low so that unions, who draw from salaries, canít make money either!

This is infuriating! Stay away from education as a career!!!

Donít do it. Thatís what some teachers are ready to tell students looking to become educators.

WINK News sat down with a panel of five teachers who want to tell the public why they think we have a teacher shortage.

Last year, the School District of Lee County lost 24.9 percent of its teachers according to their website. Charlotte County says they lost 18.71 percent and Collier County 10.71 percent.

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