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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 1,812

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Vote Anna Eskamani for district 47, FL House! Be sure to vote all the way down ballot!

Anna is a strong progressive!! I am starting to get somewhat concerned as the election gets closer. Iím seeing my right wing friends on social media starting to coalesce around her opponent. I hope she has a strong finish in this race. Itís a district that Democrats can carry!! We need the youth and progressives overall to come out for her!

Vote down ballot for Democrats here and in every district!

Orange Co Public Schools makes the Washington Post and not for a good reason

Teacher resignation letter is not very kind to this county.


If you have a vote by mail ballot at home, fill it out corrrctly and mail it!!!

We are making progress in VBM, but do not delay!!

And fill out the ballot right so it wonít get rejected!


Next governor of FL gets to appoint THREE justices to the FL Supreme Court

Ok, Democrats, letís get a measure of revenge! Letís allow Andrew Gillum appoint 3 new Florida Supreme Court justices!!! Vote for Gillum, Nelson, and Democrats down ballot!


FL vote projection model - Day 4 - let's get moving, Florida!

If you have a VBM ballot sitting at home, getmit in the mail today! We must win!


Florida vote projection model - Day 3

For what itís worth, this vote projection model suggests we Democrats have work to do. That said, I myself will not be voting until later...either in early voting or on Election Day.



Number 1 issue in FL - Healthcare - DeSantis has yet to declare his plans!

Just over 3 weeks away and DeSantis has yet to clarify his health care position. Please share this on social media!

Gillum supports Medicare for All. He has a plan!!


2018 FL voter projection model - Day 1

We are a little behind. Itís early but we must catch up in the projections. If you vote by mail send your ballot back ASAP!


Trump mocks #MeToo movement during Hurricane! Can't vote for Scott or DeSantis!

This sorry excuse for human flesh is out campaigning during a hurricane, mocking victims of abuse.

How could anyone in FL reward him or supporters of his (Desantis, Scott, any GOP) with a vote??

Please let this go viral! A vote for DeSantis or Scott is a vote for Trump. We must vote for Gillum and Nelson plus all other Democrats down ballot!


DeSantis runs negative ads against Gillum during Hurricane.

While Gillum is trying to prepare the panhandle for a Cat 4-5 Hurricane, his opponent is running negative ads.

While Gillum tries to unite people in the name of safety and security, his vile POS opponent is dividing people.

Please make sure everyone in FL understands what is happening. Make this backfire on him. Make sure the Panhandle, which is normally red, except for Tallahassee, sees what DeSantis is doing.

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