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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 2,056

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More proof that you should not teach in FL

This stateís hatred of teachers is out of control. If you plan to move here to teach or if you plan to major in education and go into teaching, then change your major now!! The pay is awful and the working conditions are literally a danger to your overall mental and physical health.


So teachers in Pinellas County are at somewhat of an impasse in contract negotiations.

For this type of news, the initial response is usually ho.

Followed emphatically by hum.

Related: Pinellas teachers turn down a raise to press for better working conditions

Itís true, this headline could not be less stunning. First of all, itís the nature of unions and management. Itís also predictable in a state that views public schools as disdainfully as the politicians of Florida do.

So why fret about it this time?

Two reasons:

No. 1, this is not your typical salary dispute. The teachers are not raising a stink about a proposed 2.55 percent pay bump. While teachers have walked off the job in states across the nation this year to protest dwindling paychecks, the union in Pinellas is more concerned about bureaucratic demands.

Does Trump have to win in 2020 to avoid indictment?

If a sitting president canít be indicted as many pundits say, and if the statute of limitations on charges of campaign finance violations run out in 2022, I would think heíd have to win again to avoid prosecution. If he is impeached and somehow we can find 18 GOP Senators to vote for removal, I guess he could be indicted but Pence would pardon. And if he loses in 2020, the statute of limitations wouldnít have run out and could be indicted.

Any thoughts?

Simply put, we must win the WH in 2020. I don't think

we can take the Senate in 2020. At least the odds arenít great. Yes, 22 Republicans are up for re-election. But they are almost all in red states. Doug Jones is very vulnerable so thatís quite likely a loss. If we want a say in SCOTUS nominations we will have to defeat Trump.

Should Democrats in the House revive the old immigration bills from

the Bush administration? If I recall correctly they had bipartisan support. I believe they called for border security, provisions for undocumented people to remain legally, etc. of course, there was no wall.

I personally think we should. If it passes, it takes immigration off the table. If it dies in the Senate or is vetoed it is proof the KGOP doesnít want to solve the problem.

Moving forward, Amendment 4 passes and restores voting rights to 1.5M Floridians

This is essentially a reform of the criminal justice system and will benefit African Americans. We need to register them and get them to vote in 2020.

Tonight isnít going to end well for us but the future is still bright.

Ana Navarro (R) voting for Gillum

Please share on social media.


Orange County, Fl voters, I'm calling you out again!

Get your butts to the polls!!!!! This is getting scary!!!


Bernie Sanders is coming to Orlando/UCF this Wednesday!


Spread the word and go effing VOTE!!í

Young ppl of FL, especially students at FSU, UF, UCF, USF, UNF, FGCU, UM I'm calling you out!

Young ppl ages 18-29 have only voted st a rate of 5% so far!! Thatís awful!

Leave nothing to chance. Take nothing for granted! You canít look at me and say the candidates are all the same! We have real choices so GOTV!!


Orange/Osceola County Hispanic Democrats and liberal independents I'm calling you out.

According to this blog you havenít shown up as heavily as you could so far. PLEASE GOTV!!!!

Ron DeSantis, Red Tide Rick, and the others cannot win! They only win if we do not vote! Spread the word!!!

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