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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
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Folks, we were told for 2 years that Americans don't care about Mueller/Russia.

Fine. We move on and win on the issues in 2020.

I would argue that the Democrats who won in 2018 did just that. They won on issues outside of Russia.

I know a Democrat who flipped a state House seat and she rarely ever mentioned Trump or Russia.

I trust Pelosi and I trust those who won on the issues. We can win in 2020 and we donít need the Russia investigation.

Stress, expectations make teaching in FL a tough sell.


Itís one thing to say teachers have always been paid modestly. The problem is the demands have escalated to a ridiculous level. Itís impossible to do the job.

Mandates, laws, high stakes testing. Itís all too much. Hereís another article that shows what everyone knows but the GOP wonít acknowledge. Pay is not commensurate with expectations.

People are walking away and the college students arenít there to take up the job. Serves the state right!

Florida is struggling to fill over 2,000 positions. Just don't teach in FL!

Keep walking away. If youíre in college and want to teach, do yourself a favor and donít! If you read the link below, send it to someone aspiring to teach in Florida. We are at a breaking point in this state and itís the fault of the GOP! Salaries rank 45th yet the cost of living is rather high. You canít pay the bills. Teachers struggle with changing a flat tire because of the cost. They struggle with the cost of healthcare. They struggle with affording basic cable and WiFi bills. I have a colleague who teaches and she has to go to a restaurant with WiFi after work so she can watch TV or use the Internet. It is truly deplorable!


Orange County teachers join statewide rallies for education

We are at a breaking point in Florida. The GOP wonít fund public education and are moving to privatize as fast as they can.



If you want to teach in Florida...think again!! Get away as fast as you can!!

And you know what? There are just enough moronic teachers who actually vote GOP that it tips the elections to the people like DeSantis! Damn them all!!


FL GOP wants to continue to privatize education. Why you shouldn't teach here!

If schools are privatized, students will inevitably be segregated and teachers will lose any benefits. What used to be a profession of low pay but decent benefits will become a profession of horribly low pay, awful benefits, and youíll be totally unsupported by the state. The GOP hates public education here. Itís that simple.

Do not teach in Florida. If youíre graduating next month and want to go into education, donít! Go back to school and get another degree. If youíre thinking of moving here or want a career change, then stay the heck away! You are doomed to a low paying, dead end job. As far as respect goes, parents, students, and administrators are often against teachers - even good ones. I hate to sound negative, but donít say you werenít warned if you donít follow this advice.


Did Trump abuse his power today? He declared a national emergency to fulfill a campaign promise.

This should be an impeachable offense.

More evidence you shouldn't teach in Florida.

Read this article about how low the pay is in Florida. The GOP legislature hasnít done anything to correct the problem, nor will they. If you know a college student who wants to teach, send this to them. If you know someone from outside of FL who wants to teach here, send this. Please share this on social media as well.


I believe a Biden/Castro ticket would be formidable.

Biden could likely rebuild the midwestern Blue Wall and with Castro it would make TX very competitive. It would inspire Obama/Biden nostalgia but be a nod towards our multicultural future.

Biden wouldnít cost us a Senate seat the way it would if Sherrod Brown were to win.

FWIW, I think either Brown or Biden wins the nomination if either jumps into the race. But if both are in, they likely split votes and the nomination goes to someone else - not that thatís a bad thing.

Next year we elect a new president!

How nice does that sound?!

Democrats just need to say 4 things: we support border security,

Trump promised that Mexico would pay, Trump bragged heíd shut down the government, and we support a solution to our immigration policy dating back to one that George W Bush supported.

I hope they donít get sucked into long-winded debates on talk news shows. Keep all all short and simplistic to reach as many people as possible.

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