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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
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DeSantis has the state Supreme Court the GOP always wanted.

This is why you need to campaign for the Democrats as if your life depended on it!!!

Iím so sick and effing tired of GOP rule in FL!!

And now they control the goddamn court!

Iím looking at all the lazy Democrats who didnít vote for Gillum in 2018! Even with his recent problem he was still the best candidate at that time!

It starts with us, people!! Get your butt to the polls!! We need a legislature that is majority Democratic right effing now so make it happen in 5 months!!!!! Vote!!!!


For all the accolades and credentials on the resumťs of newly appointed Florida Supreme Court Justices John Couriel and Renatha Francis, perhaps the most consequential are their ages.

Couriel and Francis are 42 years old.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is turning the stateís high court over to Gen X. His previous appointees were all born in the same era. And in tapping lawyers with the prime of their legal careers ahead of them, DeSantis has all but guaranteed that a generation of legal precedent will be forged by justices put in place by Republicans.

Itís a reality that distresses Democrats and delights Republicans, who nevertheless agree that the reverberations of this younger, more conservative court will be far-reaching. Abortion, redistricting, public education, voting rights ó this court, shaped more by DeSantis than any of his predecessors, will likely tackle all of it.


You wanna scare the crap out of white America? March peacefully thru rich, white neighborhoods

Disclaimer: I am a white American.

White Americans often sit in their living rooms and watch these protests take place in inner cities, downtowns, and other areas of cities that arenít predominantly upper middle class, wealthy, or white.

Point being, itís time to really shake white Americans to their core. Take these protests peacefully thru lily white neighborhoods like The Hamptonís, 5th Avenue in Naples, Fl, or other areas where rich whites watch comfortably knowing theyíll go to sleep safely tonight. The police wonít launch tear gas into the neighborhoods of the wealthy.

That is the only way, in my opinion, to get the point across that Black Lives Matter, police brutality must end, and white people cannot indiscriminately kill African Americans.

This isnít a call for violence. This isnít to say all white people are racist or all police are bad. Itís a call to wake up to the fact that my white privilege is that I can go for a jog and no one will think Iím committing a crime. Itís my white privilege that if I go to the store, clerks wonít follow me around or think Iím passing a counterfeit bill. To borrow from a meme, even a lot of white people are sick of the racism of other white people!

Mayor Garcetti - Real men wear masks.

The whole mask thing is ridiculous. It has descended into a partisan divide. Trump and his supporters honestly believe that masks are a visible symbol of the pandemic promoted by the Left and he doesnít want people reminded of it. They also see it as a sign of weakness.

We will never convince them otherwise. But I believe that Mayor Garcetti might have a tactic for dealing with the issue. I heard him on tv today proclaiming with authority, ďreal men wear masks!Ē.

This is important because Biden will eventually be in public and will be forced to choose to wear one. He should and if I were his handlers Iíd have him dressed in work clothes - work coats (not suits), or long sleeves rolled up, etc.

All surrogates need to start saying this over and over...Ēreal men wear masksĒ. It goes right at what the Trump cult sees as a strength...not wearing one. And the Trump cult doesnít want to be seen as unmanly!

This entire issue is optics!!!


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) criticized President Trump on Tuesday for not wearing a face mask at several public appearances outside the White House.

During an interview with MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, the news anchor asked Garcetti about his opinion regarding the president's decision.

"Mayor Garcetti, what should the president do in terms of the way he models behavior for the rest of the country?" Mitchell asked.

"Simply put, I say real men wear face masks," Garcetti responded.


Trump ignored the Presidential Daily Briefings in looming pandemic?


This is a dereliction of duty. He should be arrested today if this is true!

This needs to be discussed far and wide!


Democrats should call for a day of mourning for those who've died of COVID.

Democrats in Congress and state legislatures should also call for a 10% reduction in Congressional/legislative pay like so many Americans across the country have taken. Solidarity.

These kinds of things are what the average person understands and would remind everyone that Democrats are the party of the regular person.

Will FL Democrats finally be able to break through and make major legislative gains?

For over 20 years FL has been ruled by Republicans. The legislature and the governorís office have been owned by the GOP since the 1990s.

But Democrats running for the legislature should tie the terrible response by DeSantis to all GOP candidates for local and state office.

The unemployment compensation website is a disaster and that will impact hundreds of thousands of workers.

The slow response by the state government to this pandemic has been lackluster at best. Not shutting down beaches, scenes of crowded beaches, should be in every campaign commercial.

FL Dem candidates need to take the lead NOW and start wearing homemade face masks in public. They ought to act NOW and start calling for protections to our public health and public schools. Paint the GOP as slaves to corporate America because there will be revenue shortfalls and the GOP WILL balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class. The FL Dems need to call for an expansion of Medicaid.

In short, FL Dems are being handed the 2020 election on a silver platter. They canít squander it or we will have another decade of GOP rule after gerrymandering.

Politico article slams FL GOP over state's unemployment comp website

TALLAHASSEE ó The staggering unemployment exploding on President Donald Trumpís watch would worry any incumbent running for reelection, but troubles in Florida are injecting an added dose of fear into a jittery GOP.

Already anxious about Trumpís chances in the nationís biggest swing state, Republicans now are dealing with thousands of unemployed workers unable to navigate the Florida system to apply for help. And the blowback is directed straight at Trumpís top allies in the state, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott.


FL Democrats need to destroy the GOP on this for the next 11 months. And we need to hope the working class and middle class in FL figure out who is at fault and vote accordingly in November.

DeSatan suffers a blow from federal appeals court regarding voting rights.

DeSatan and the GOP donít want ex-felons to vote. Floridians disagreed and voted for voting rights for ex-felons in 2018.


Keep pressure on DeSatan! He is doing nothing to make unemployment comp accessible.

Everyone knows his inaction on shelter-in-place decrees during this pandemic.

Please read this. People laid off are struggling to access FLís unemployment comp website. This is an ongoing issue.


What reporter asked Trump about networks not showing his press conferences?

I did not catch the reporterís media affiliation.
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