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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 1,956

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Today is the last day to register to vote. Post this link on social media.

Ask others to do the same. The more who vote the more likely we Democrats win!


Not only can we elect an African American gov, we can elect an African American AG!

Letís go, FL! Make history!!

Get off your couch and GOTV!!


Remember Dr Ford. Remember Merrick Garland.

Remember remember the 6th of November.

Vote By Mail ballots are coming now! Be sure to send yours back after voting for Gillum and Nelson!

Vote straight Dem!

Iíve been reading that thousands of Democratic ballots were unreturned in 2014. If you request a ballot by mail be sure to vote!

This 1 week delay is only for show! This is to limit the poor optics for the Reps going into Nov 6.

I hope Iím wrong and something comes of this.

Even if BK is confirmed, it's not all doom.

For all the talk about Kennedy being a moderate swing vote, i think he was a reliable right wing vote. While he voted with the left a few times, he voted with the right the majority. This is not a huge swing to the right.

Now, Clarence Thomas is 70. Itís possible heíll be replaced by the next president. We must win in 2020. Samuel Alito is not far behind at age 68. Thereís no guarantee he lasts much longer either.

RBG is an outlier with great genes. We must either win the Senate in 40ídays and the WH in 2020, or hope she survives until 2021 and we win in 2020. Either way 2020 is our LAST CHANCE TO have any hope to shift the court.

We must win the Senate to block any nominations to the federal courts.

We just have to! Weíve got to hold the purple/red states. Then we have to pick up some combo of TN, TX, AZ, and NV. Letís do this!

We need a national effort to get to Murkowski, Collins, Sasse

and others.

We need to pressure these senators like never before.

A national strike? Phone calls to their offices from across the nation?

BKís refusal to support an FBI investigation is a glaring omission. Heís afraid of what Mark Judge will say! These GOP senators must hear from America!

Sniff, (tongue to left cheek). What the heck is that?

I called Sen. Rubio's office yesterday about Kavanaugh. I'm a dad of a son and daughter.

I donít want my daughter to spend the next 40 years of her life living in a country where a SCOTUS Justice is a sexual predator. And I want my son to grow up in a country where men respect women and donít treat them like sexual objects.

Come on, men! We need to step up and support our sisters, moms, and daughters! Make the call, itís not hard!
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