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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 1,956

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2 new polls show Gillum in the lead. NY Times poll has him up by 5!

CBS has him up by 1.

A NYTimes/Siena poll released Sunday had good news for Democrat Andrew Gillum and bad news for Republican Ron DeSantis.

Gillum had a five point lead (48-43 percent), and he led in every turnout scenario except for one: an electorate that looked like 2014.


We need Gillum voters to also vote for Bill Nelson! And vote Democrat down the ballot!

And for the record, polls donít vote. People vote! GOTV!!

Only 102 early votes at U of North FL. Come on college kids!!

GOTV for Gillum! IDK how to embed a twitter post but here is a link. And vote for Nelson and other Democrats down ballot!


DeSantis can't beat Gillum. Only Democrats can beat Gillum by not voting!

We must GOTV!!!! We must spread the word for Gillum, Nelson, and all other Democrats! If we vote we will win!


Magabomber was a big supporter of Ron DeSantis.

He tweeted negative tweets about Gillum. Shocked. Not shocked.


Trump is worried about a Florida wipeout

Letís make his worries real! A loss in the gubernatorial race and Senate race would be a huge blow to him.


The White House is planning a political rescue mission in Florida, fearing a wipeout in a key swing state next month that could damage President Donald Trumpís reelection hopes.

Trump is expected to visit the state at least twice, according to two people familiar with the plans. Visits from several Cabinet members are likely, as well. Presidential text messages are being sent to Floridians who still havenít cast their absentee ballots. And discussions are underway about blanketing the state with robocalls from Trump.

FL Vote by Mail numbers - Day 13 - Good News!

Seems the VBM numbers have taken a Democratic swing lately.

Less than 2 weeks!! Get GILLUM and NELSON plus all other Democrats down ballot elected!


Betsy Devos' family gave $200K to DeSantis PAC

She is pure evil. Another reason to vote for Gillum.


FL vote projection model - Day 12 - WTF are Democrats waiting on?

Effing get up and go vote!!!


Another poll out today with Gillum up, but you must vote!!!

Take nothing for granted! We have 2 weeks to get Gillum (and Nelson, Sean Shaw, and so many other Democrats down ballot) elected.


Remember there were no polls showing Gillum would win the primary.

Point being, get out and vote!! Take others with you! We cannot rest until weíve won!
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