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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 1,700

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Trump mocks #MeToo movement during Hurricane! Can't vote for Scott or DeSantis!

This sorry excuse for human flesh is out campaigning during a hurricane, mocking victims of abuse.

How could anyone in FL reward him or supporters of his (Desantis, Scott, any GOP) with a vote??

Please let this go viral! A vote for DeSantis or Scott is a vote for Trump. We must vote for Gillum and Nelson plus all other Democrats down ballot!


DeSantis runs negative ads against Gillum during Hurricane.

While Gillum is trying to prepare the panhandle for a Cat 4-5 Hurricane, his opponent is running negative ads.

While Gillum tries to unite people in the name of safety and security, his vile POS opponent is dividing people.

Please make sure everyone in FL understands what is happening. Make this backfire on him. Make sure the Panhandle, which is normally red, except for Tallahassee, sees what DeSantis is doing.


Let's see if Floridians have learned the lesson of voting based on the courts! We have a problem.

Red Tide Rick wants to appoint 3 justices to the FL Supreme Court on the day he leaves office!

We must not let that happen and the first step to doing so is to get ANDREW GILLUM elected!!

Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote! Vote for a Democrat so he can appoint the justices not Red Tide Rick. This is an abuse of power by Voldemort!

And punish him by voting for Nelson!

Then vote Democrat down ballot!


See this article for more info about whatís going on!!


Today is the last day to register to vote. Post this link on social media.

Ask others to do the same. The more who vote the more likely we Democrats win!


Not only can we elect an African American gov, we can elect an African American AG!

Letís go, FL! Make history!!

Get off your couch and GOTV!!


Remember Dr Ford. Remember Merrick Garland.

Remember remember the 6th of November.

Vote By Mail ballots are coming now! Be sure to send yours back after voting for Gillum and Nelson!

Vote straight Dem!

Iíve been reading that thousands of Democratic ballots were unreturned in 2014. If you request a ballot by mail be sure to vote!
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