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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,467

Journal Archives

May 29, 2015

5 years ago on May 29,,,who has aged better? I know the answer,,lol


Article on vote by mail, that makes me stop, and ask,

It is a medium length read. Something is wrong with the page as I cannot copy/paste snips, and the comment link is nonactive. I read this article a number of times already, and I still view it as a projection from our "friends" on the other side.


From the references to Bush/Gore (Supreme court settling), To Kobach from Kansas stating that "fraud in VBM(vote by mail) occurs in a vast majority of states,except here, where I took measures to protect", to the point that many individuals, including Postal employees would be handling ballots.
The story made me pause, and wonder why are R's supporting this? are they projection what they would do? As Trump is quoted in the article from April, "Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country, because they're cheaters"

As I said, the page appears to be glitched somehow regarding copy paste and comments. But, I would appreciate some of the views from those of us here, as the article did give me some pause on something I thought my mind had a grip on.

I come back to a thought of, R's cannot control millions of people who stand in line to vote, as easily as it could control hundreds of thousands of envelopes.

Maybe i am missing something as I am only on my first pot of coffee.


I feel Im losing the battle.

The virus,the shut down, moving, cleaning,cooking,talk to no one, just sit in this jail that we call a home everyday. It is affecting Mrs K as well as Tess. I just want to scream sometimes. The wine is back. At least not the hard stuff I keep saying. I just feel empty.
I just want to step back and reset. I want to feel SOMETHING except dread each day. Im backing off reading news as it is even more depressing. I just want to feel happy again.

end of pseudo rant, I just needed to get a few things out of my head. Im tired


welp CR 19 is strong

I do sing once in awhile,I do play a bit of piano,,well.. Mrs K and I were sitting and she was listening to my frustration, and seems we wrote a song. once we wrote the words I sang. She loved it even though I had no music,,the song we call THe music rules... I want to send it to someone who can refine it,, so I look to DUrs.. I wil not post it, I will not pst the audio of what we did... Im just sitting her with Mrs K and we are saying,,,this is good ,it could be so much better. and we don't know who to turn to.


True life absurdity

Mrs K is trying to settle her father's estate. All has been sold, the title company has told Mrs K that there was a very old debt that she did not pay and they can release the estate check until this company (LOWES) sends a fax.

Mrs K is right now on phone,,arguing with Lowes to PAY THEM slower, and with clarity, to pay them.

But they wont send a fax to title company because Mrs K forgot her pass code.

George Carlin could not even dream up the absurdity of this world's reality.


We all know you will fire.

Dr Fauci, so how about stop sidestepping with tweets that try to numb the public,and just be man enough to do it? Oh, I am so sorry,,I accused the IMPOTUS of being a man.


Who has the guts?

yes ,the turd loves his daily "briefings" the turd lives in a world of tv and cinema. Given that,,which reporter would like to win a Turd oscar for best supporting actor/actress? Who will be the one to push Queeg over the edge? who will be the one to force turd to scream.You can't handle the truth!!?
In my 60 years of life, I have learned, when someone wants to make up rules as they go along,,learn the rules and then use their rules against them. works 95 % of the time. And then just do it. Time to step up media,,we all know the rules of the game now.


simple and yet powerful

I do not know who to attribute this too, I found it on a comment section.



TN order to "stay at home" my experience today,

I posted a couple times about how I felt about this bogus stay at home order and how it was worded. Here is what I experienced today, in Bristol. I needed to leave the house to go to CVS and pick up a script for my hcp daughter. On my lil 7 minute drive to CVS, I passed 7 pickups with boats attached heading towards the lake. I am human,,I am somewhat understanding, they are going to fish for food as they just got wanna feed their family.( I know,,Repub thought process) Until the point I went across the street form CVS figuring, I am here,,pick up a pack or 2 of cigs for me. And watched a man filling his truck and boat with gas,,total cost,,73.87. He got ahead of me in line and was big ,bad ass,, without a prompt,telling lady behind counter, " Im feeding my family, the order does not apply to me" Now I normally do not confront,,but I just asked,," are you out of work? is there anyway I can help your family? " He said "Im laid off now and need food." I replied," well that 75 bucks you just spent would have bought alot of food at Food City across the street." He puffed,and blurted truth " No, I dont need no help I just wanna fish,,and you don't need to get in my dam business"

and I paid for my cigs and clerk and I laughed and I said 4 words,,this is most Tennessee.

Koz,,living another day in Bible Belt Country

and for those who may not have seen..

this is Tess, my 32 in May angel,, this was last year in Myrtle Beach

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