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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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Today is a day I thought I would never feel,

A day worse than 9/11, I never thought I could could feel worse for our country as that day. And yet I do, and I can only surmise that there is no shock, suddenness, or how an event just happened out of the blue to numb you in a way. I just realized we have been watching this attack for months, in slow motion, with no way to stop the damage. Many more people could die from today ( and may have already) than 9/11. I just told Mrs K..we are 60 years old and for the first time in my life, I'm not sure we are number 1 anymore.

Hopefully we can rebuild something meaningful to bring memory to this day in history.

We will fight,we will rebuild, I just hope it is not too late.


Edited for horrific grammatical errors, guess I am a bit upset

I made a mistake,,

First off,, My Seahawks lost and Im still kinda in mourning mode.lol. But back on topic,, I made the mistake,, I was seeing psyche, as we know, and Mrs K whole family( literally) died withing 18 months and Mrs K went into depression.. My psyche set up to bring Mrs K in to the same group to help. It was separate at first,,then I get the question from my psyche," can we share info?" I talked Mrs,,she agreed and we went on. Next step,, we are both asked,,can we do couples therapy? Mrs and I talk and say why not? So we did. So we go from week to week,1 week solo,2nd week couples. And Mrs therapist keep bringing up how Mrs K and I need respite from our Tess(hcp daughter) We said and explained over and over that we can only do that when support supplied by state is fully trained on Tess, and the turnover is putting Mrs K and I in full time training mode.
,,long story short,, things got worse, Mrs K and I arguing,,, until,,,, i finally heard what her psyche said in couples, we need respite. I agree and told Mrs,,she is right, and this also includes psyche help, we are too close in this area. So I dropped out from my Psyche, to give us the respite that we could control. Things since then 2 weeks ago, have been great. I made the mistake of getting Mrs K depression handled same place as mine.

Im still taking my meds, new Psyche was easy to find. we are so much better. I did have some drinks during this event. But I finally saw what was hurting Mrs and I . My mistake was bringing her psyche help to same pace as mine.

This Groups Victory is ,, I understood it,,and fixed it,,, because I was clear headed enough with your support. Yep,, I had drinks,,fell off the wagon. but I was sober long enough that my mind was clear enough to see reality.

I humbly Thank you all



I am trying so hard. Wifey has spent 2 weeks dogging me,
Tonight it blew up,,she is under psyche care like I am ,, I had few drinks today,,and was instantly hit in this house,,
"you drink" I spent my day fixing finances ( 30 mins) and the listening to her about care daughter gets from state.Hopefully,, you all know me,and I worked for 9 ears with intellectually challenged people.. but when I called state,Wifey said I was wrong. Because I saw 2 things the state workers were not doing right.

In 3 weeks,,I have,,fixed the household finances, put my foot down on dogs and cats we have, and what she spent on training the 3 dogs,which she still does not know the commands. Cost,,,3 thousand.

That was 6 months ago, I feed pups everyday( I truly love then) 2 cats,,ive learned how to scrape lid off their food, or, if I see them drinking out of toilet,, my denture cup.. I know they have no water. I do this daily.

and Mrs today,, when I did my normal morning routine.. the I had to call Siriusxm about a false charge*(refunded) fixed,,

our internet bill,, ( once again fixed)

and talk to my family that she felt good saying I had a couple drinks today

What I know at end of today,, I had a couple drinks,,,all bills are paid. I haven't lied.
But when I talked to her,, Im a bastard..
all I know,,,,,,Ill sleep good tonight, my bank account will show,,what I gave to her.
Im dealing with a woman who wants me gone,,,there is a lil girl in middle, why it isn't happening

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