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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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Am I wrong in thinking this about the report?

Mueller keeps referring to his report has all the facts. But has any member of congress been able to see the full, unredacted report?
If so, then refresh my memory. If my memory still has some working parts, then basically AG Barr still holds all the power? I notice Mueller kept referring to his report, but never made mention of full report, without redaction or anything along those lines. Am I reading too much into this?


Oh my,daughters Bday and Dad forgot,,

One of the people here tonight for Tess' Bday works for a "R" representative in state. Dad took him aside, asked why are you working for him?First time I met him, his wife works for state and sees Tess twice a week.,, We talk,,very calmly. And we agree on 90%. He said to me, can I tell you truth? of course. My money depends on me acting like an R. ok great! Koz jumps in and this R state house rep. Will sit down with me and his aide who I met,, on MY deck, no cams,no phone,,drinks ,, I was told YES,,,and he gives me 4 hours of his time.. I cannot wait to report back!!!


I kinda like Saturday nights here..

normally I am asleep and do not read until morning. But tonight is different. My handicapped daughter turned 31 yesterday,,Dr's said she may not see 20 when she was born. I am cooking way too many pounds of pork butt in my smoker,, for a huge celebration tomorrow in honor of the "lil girl" Tonight,, I guess I feel liberated,,I know every birthday she has is a big deal. Maybe I need a release valve to make this birthday bigger. Having said that,, I am not reading or replying to political things tonight,, I am having fun in off topics , such as cooking,,photography, and such,,I have made some bitchy repiles in past.. My Tess' Bday ,,in life,,and in DU life,,has taught me to step back and enjoy life first... there are pics of lil bit in photog under same name,,

Thanks for listening, Koz or simply

Tess' Dad

Happy Birthday!

Tess!!!! you were gorgeous at 6 years old,, and grew up to be beautiful at 31!! Dad and Mom love you.

I have talked about my "lil" girl alot

Maybe you saw ,maybe not. But here is what I came home to all the years I worked,,and now I come home to it twice a week when I go golfing. Docs said when she was born she "might " see 20 years,, she will be 31 years, this Friday. Oh my ,, I Love my 2 girls,,Tess,and her Mom


Edited for poor spelling skills

Finally got a night of sleep

we have been out of town for 2 weeks taking care of some family business. I did not sleep well the last 3 nights there, or our first night back home. Yesterday, got the fur family out of doggie hotel, and last night I felt complete. We were back in our King size bed with daughter Tessie between us, Sherman the Dal, Choxie the Golden, and Neli the old pound girl herself, all sleeping blissfully in a spot on the bed. PiPi kitty purring on Tess' stomach, and Ziggity kitty sleeping on pillow above Mrs. K's head.
I just looked,, smiled at everyone so peaceful and sleeping,sighed once ,and woke up 14 hours later,

Feeling Blessed

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