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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

Journal Archives

Im here,,

not my proudest day by any means. I lost yesterday, Im back to day 1 I failed. folks from this group have reached out and I think I may have scared them with my honesty. I did not mean to question anyone's beliefs, or make any replier to my OP feel like it did not matter to me. I read all replies,,answered as many as I could. my mental and physical realities took over, and I did struggle to bring both in check, more my mental faults because I could not walk away from a simple jerk/asshole response.

I lost yesterday,, I still love and respect this group.. today,,I am back where I am each day...I only need to win today

I wshould not be this strssed

I am a recovering drinker,,92 days I have a handicap daughter 31 yo and I believe,,,what I believe,,, tonmight on Du pushed me ovwesr edge. I made a post to enhancccew discusssion. 1 pewrson wanted to bring up my y extera commas, I have parkinsonns when I get excited ,,, myy hands trembale,,,, moree so since I stoppped drinking. Nows, I will go back to spellcheck and use it

It takews me 3 or 4 times longer to make a post,, I have to go back and correct. Ive lingered here quietly, but this ass questioned me tonight,,why so many commas? I am just me I fight my booze every morning,,but booze has nothing to do with my shaking.. I ma so angry right now at this person,,, how do we deal with it without booze? I want some rum right now

what is trending on DU right now

Monkey post about Darrow,2 posts about Trump did this or that? a Baby Goat, and another poll.
I have spent a couple hours replying and yes, fighting on another post here. Now I see what is trending.
It is why I fear for this country. I do not understand this new media world. I do not understand just reading short snippets and feeling like I know whole situation. I do not understand how I could ever do these points and feel comfortable to do my duty and VOTE, if I was this uninformed. half of Trumps base is exactly this,,, reading snippets and believing.

well,oh crap

I sing and play music to relax and to my make my 31 yo lil hcp girl happy. Seems a CD I made (unprofessionally) for my daughter, has made rounds in our region of the country. A Pastor from a church just asked me to sing a couple songs during service. Ive sang live before. but never for a church, and yes, I view them as the "other side" I will do it,,so Tess can watch me sing live again, she loves it. But I am kinda freaking out because they want choir involved and Im afraid they will not hear the music as I do. Practice sessions start tomorrow, to give the choir, " a getaway from Christmas Cantana" I feel Im being used in a way,,but will do it loud and proud for my beliefs. But I am freaking out a bit. Thanks for listening

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