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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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apologies and an explanation

I made a post last Sunday, the 6th. I re-read the post and still agree with most I said,but I worded it brutally. And used some extra punctuation, I agree. I apologize to anyone I made angry.
Now I will explain and hopefully help someone in the process. I have been fighting major depression for over 2 years. I see my psyche each week, unless we are vacation, or she is. AS I sit now, obviously, Sunday was the beginning of my biggest meltdown ever. On Monday, I fell off the "no booze wagon", HARD. I was still able to recognize I wasn't right and called 911. They came and I went with them without issue.
I am now home from my first in-patient visit to a mental health facility. I have never been arrested, and after this stay, I never will be!
As a person who has worked in medical field most my life, and a number of years with challenged folks, such as my daughter. I was absolutely appalled. Not at the conditions of facility, but at the treatment of patients. At what was presented to me as a patient. Choices that I was trying to be led to by so called "drs." Med Changes, trying to get my to sign voluntarily into 28 day in patient programs that had nothing to do with my illness. I could write pages of examples that I noted while there. I was immediately aware that I had to take charge of me while there. I stood up against the med changes, my psyche team and I have spent 2 years trying to zero in on dosages, mode of intake, as I have had gastric bypass, to get me closer to better than I have been in a long time. Someone who had met me 10 minutes ago,wanted to change meds and throw that all away. They continued to move the "goal posts" of "when you can go home" each day. It was the basic topic of discussion at every meal. ( which,btw, I asked for meals to my physical condition and was denied. So I lost another 7 pounds while there. 7 I don't have to lose)
My point is simple, this facility had a one size fits all plan, because they, as I saw, deal with most people, who tend to be homeless, or truly disabled mentally, as they knew and compared other facilities in my area. On each day, each patient saw a true professional for less than 10 minutes. The rest of time was empty. Yes, they had what was labeled as "Group Therapy" which each day was something s playing poker,(ie; math skills) painting with water colors(artistic expression), or watching movies ( diversity education). I know these terms because the one group I learned to trust, after a few carefully chosen inquiries, was the RN's. They became the truth to me and they hated what they had to do too.

In the spirit of me trying to be short speaking, 2 final thoughts;
First, I am appalled at for profit medical even more now!
Secondly, and more important in my mind, those of you who read,responded, and thought about my original post. You witnessed a mental health breakdown. Mine. I only ask if you know someone and see changes, just help! please do not ignore.

I make no excuses for myself, and I thank all DU for a place to talk about anything.


ok,,I have held my tongue long enough

I am an old guy,, for truth sake, I have managed people for over 30 years and have been on DU for 2 years. Here is what I am seeing with my people experience.

Way,way too many repliers here,who answer without reading the full post. OMG I read them , so many great,,exp Dems, who are posting, and have replies that have nothing to do with the OP! Seems now ,,we read headline,we respond and go to bed feeling good about us.
Koz is bringing a new fight,, I have contacted Du,, I am tired of hearing people respond to me,who obviously did not read my original post. I am finished reading these kind of replies, we are members of DEMORATICUNDERGROUND, time to prove what you believe. I was not a member last election, but I read this site as a guest. So damn many posts about Bernie,, and then Bernie was screwed and Primaries were rigged,, and a lot of you all that were here,, voted for Jill,or not at all. Hey you all,,don't bitch now.

This is DemocraticUnderground, we disagree,,sometimes we fight. But bottom line,,in the end,, WE read,we learn,we know, and By God we support!!! Doesn't matter,,there is no Jill , Ralph, or anyone else,, I speak out of turn, but I will say, I kind of know a lot of old timers here, and I will say,,it is about the WHOLE GOOD. Wanna read snips and respond? Time to look in mirror , my DU friend,,Im old, served my country voluntary , and with this post I till do the same by volunteer.
I am too old to serve my country physically again,, I am reading responses from people young enough to serve, but post very uninformed replies.. I beg of you all!!!!

Nov 2020 is coming soon,, As much as I don't like,,USA is in a 2 party system. Make up your mind,, no 3rd party, no "not voting" ,, Just believe an old guy with his heart. And what did those thoughts get us in 2016? I start my online battle now for America.

Koz Out

I used to post links

from RawStory on here, until started seeing they just post click bait with no confirmation, only unnamed sources,and half visible links if you watch and go through the "video thing". Now I know and have learned, Im still kind of noob,,, when I post my thoughts to other websites,,copied and pasted from here,,ummm,, they seem to carry a lot more weight.this site rocks,,because of the posters, who can calmly talk back and forth. I no longer post RS links,,I am 58 yo and still acceptable to my open mind. I learn every day.


When I was young,,a long time ago.

We did not have computers,internet, etc. One of my first memories of my life, is "why is my Mom crying on my birthday?" my bday 11/23/60 I was turning 3 years old. President Kennedy was killed yesterday. I grew up through Vietnam,WaterGate,9/11 and other "moments" in our history.
Point of my post is simple to all younger members of DU,, Please do not have to make a post like this 50 years later, we are witnessing history, pay attn. Learn,, read articles,,not just snips, because in 50 years,, you could be making this post Im making, but you have the tools to KNOW.

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