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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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I need to ask,,I am in a dilemma,, only honest answer please

Hi, Im Koz

I worked in the mentally challenged field for 10 years. Quickly worked my way through, my favorite part of the field,,supported living, to house manger,,team leaders etc,etc. Please keep reading,,I am in a dilemma,

Caveat, first,,, I have a challenged daughter who I was told wouldn't see 20 years old, we just celebrated her 30th birthday.

So I as took these positions, I admit it was easy for me to make decisions. I just thought, what would I do for my daughter, right?
Let me explain a team leader position, which was last I held in field. I had 12 supported living homes under me, as well as all staff to cover those homes 24/7 .3 challenged people to home and staff to cover 24/7, so, on average, about 80 people under me. I was on call every hour of every day. I fought with families who did not want to or could not take care of their person, I fought with my higher ups about revenue streams based on my decisions.

I fought these battles for 10 years,, I got tired, I got beat,, I got defeated,, so I said bbbye when the political fights in house became too much, ( as a team leader , I was 2 steps away from CEO, to clarify)

It's been about 9 months since the "blow up" I am good with Mrs Koz and daughter and we are living life. But it is holiday season, and I have folks who I mentored calling me, saying,, "its too much", I say it always is this time of year because we care.

Tonight , on one of those calls, I find 1 of the folks I cared for and about , died,,because his family made the decision to pull the plug. So to speak. I fought with this family many times during my tenure in field. They only cared about his insurance and not about his well being. Now, I find out , I left and he died. So now I sit and cry and wonder,,would I have made a difference?
But it came to a different point as Mrs K was talking to me and trying to talk me down,, 1 question she asked me, " what can you do?"

I know I can do,,I am respected in field regionally in this state,, so I answered Mrs Koz,, " want me to push?, use my connections on a state level in a Rpub state and go?"

And Mrs Koz said,, " I believe in you, you'll do the right thing" and went to bed.

Now I sit and wonder and doubt myself and my purpose in this world. MY GOD DU folks,,, I'm asking myself if MLK's wife said same thing to him. I think every big event started small. I know my heart is too close to this issue,
I know I have facts on my side,,I know I have heart on my side,,I sit here awake and wonder if I have my strength on my side to take this fight on.

It may sound corny or overblown,, but I need some help making this decision.

sign me out as Confused and wanting,,

Gods beauty, our world

My lil girl was flown to Seattle Seahawks game last Monday,, omg we have 1000 pics from the week.
but this one jumped out at me,, it is simply, Gods Earth, taken by Mom Koz while flying. Scroll up to see wing tip of jet ,if you can't

I love me some Neil Diamond

I just happened to meet someone who said I could sing,,,, Pic of CD I made for my challenged daughter attached, and I hope you can hit the link and listen to the song I still sing to her every morning, and sang every day when I came home from work for many years. I just realized the link is a raw version when Tess was with me,, not the CD version, I'll edit further when I figure all this tech crap out

http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/watchandlisten/play/b084921bf is link for song

the CD

New to this group

Not so new to DU though. I am now realizing how the groups of DU can ease people rather than just only whip up emotions of politics.
Yes, this is my oversight that I missed in my early DU times. I find myself reading groups more than news now, which means maybe I am figuring the DU community out finally.
I would ask that this group indulge me with my pictures on first post. The Golden Pic is Ethyl, who passed at 16 years old and a mere 2 weeks after the pic of her holding hands with my 30 y/o challenged daughter.
The other pic is of our Dear Stripe, who we brought home today (cremains) and put him to rest.
I am oddly calm today about him being home, I was very distraught when we lost him. I still miss him, but I feel now his body is where it should be.
Long story short, I feel after reading some posts. That this may be the place I can post and show my family's love of our "zoo" ,
1 kitty, a golden retriever who is being trained as service dog to my daughter,, a Dal, who is smarter than the Golden, and a mix rescue,who is the best snuggler ever.
We are truly a pet family.

Thanks for listening,


Which post, or how many do I post to, that says MY GOD!!!

I see and read that former President Bush died. (notice I used capital P )

For everyone that wants to blame every R prez in the past forever years,,, let me be an old guy that says you're wrong.
I am a life long D, signed up and defended this country. And I hate Trump. But I have also respected the office of President before this ass took it, to never post things like Im seeing tonight.
So I say, humbly, I served this country, the OFFICE still should mean something no matter how much DT tries to make it not mean a damn thing.

But why is everyone so happy that a former Prez dies? IMHO every person before DT deserves the respect of running for, campaigning for, and winning the office.

Only DT posters, and other "only D or nothing sites" have brought on this crap for previous office holders who aren't named Donald Trump,,,

My old guy advice,, Love Country , or love your keyboard,,

Koz out
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