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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,409

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Which post, or how many do I post to, that says MY GOD!!!

I see and read that former President Bush died. (notice I used capital P )

For everyone that wants to blame every R prez in the past forever years,,, let me be an old guy that says you're wrong.
I am a life long D, signed up and defended this country. And I hate Trump. But I have also respected the office of President before this ass took it, to never post things like Im seeing tonight.
So I say, humbly, I served this country, the OFFICE still should mean something no matter how much DT tries to make it not mean a damn thing.

But why is everyone so happy that a former Prez dies? IMHO every person before DT deserves the respect of running for, campaigning for, and winning the office.

Only DT posters, and other "only D or nothing sites" have brought on this crap for previous office holders who aren't named Donald Trump,,,

My old guy advice,, Love Country , or love your keyboard,,

Koz out

Where do I start?

So, I'll start here with a caveat,, tough week, Mrs Koz's dad's memory service today, the little left of her family in attendance,and a sarcastic OMG that her church ( where her Dad was a member for 70 years),"forgot to find a sound board operator. SO Dear koz ( me)
left my wife to take on the immediate need. .
While in the loft doing my Koz thing for this,, I watch Mrs K son,niece, and other cousins, family blah blah blah,, leave MY WIFE sitting alone in front row, by herself.
It is 3 Am my time,, IM still livid, her and I have talked of course,,she did not want to cause a stir and asked me to keep quiet. I did out of love for her.

But I still need to vent,,even after all these hours, I look at our public on things like people getting killed by simply going to church,, people getting killed because they wanted to line dance, people getting killed for nothing.

Today, I watched these millenniums go to a service for a great man and veteran for out country, and ignore His sole surviving daughter,
which I believe gives me the right to say, get yer head out of your ass youngsters!!!

The same kids that ignored Mrs K today,also managed to talk to me about "what do they get"

Millennial folks,,it aint all about you..

I could go on and on,,,I am tired because of death, I am tired of politics, as of today,, I am tired of young folks telling me what they "need/deserve" to make our country great.
I am old, I am tired, I still fight for our Country! but today wore me out,and I just want to sleep at 3AM , but I still worry about my wife and her Dad who passed.
Maybe this is the diff between R an d D's,, who is awake at 3AM simply because they care?

Koz out


Just found this group, so to break ice I'll start with conversation I had with Mrs K the other day. I posted condensed in DL before I found this group, apologies if redundant.

Mrs: All you old men are just like old computers

Me: how so?

Mrs: both think that just because your memory chips work, your hard drive will spin too.

Me: nothing,nada,zilch,blank stare. I just bought the next round and apologized to the 30 other people near us who heard (sarcasm)


Old Men and Old Computers,

Are exactly the same according to my Mrs.
She claims that just because the memory chips work, doesn't mean the hard drive is gonna spin.

It feels like a slam,I'll get back to you when I figure it out.

In Friday Jest mode


My good old USA

Was nothing like today, back in my time, was. I volunteered to serve my country many years ago,my voice not been very politically motivated as it was always in the middle.
Welcome President Trump. Now Mrs. K. Started to understand what I was saying in how I felt.

After very little sleep last night, and waking up early this morning, I was happy.
But then I saw the news conference I started to get angry, Mrs K
said it's ok, But then, I heard about the firing of the Attorney General.
I volunteered back in my day, to serve this country. This is not what I volunteered to give my life up for.

Now, is I talked to Mrs K, we will be leaving myrtle beach in morning. A bit of context, the only reason we are in MB, is because her dad died at 93 years old,and we are cleaning his place up.
So, when I heard that it's time to take to the streets tomorrow.
And I talk to the wife, about this, and said maybe we need to go because I signed a petition online. Her only words to me were, "Let's Go"

I will be back home in Tennessee tomorrow I will be on the streets like I promised online.
I am old, I serve my time, not sure what I can do anymore, but, I will be there.

Thank You ,Mrs Koz
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