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Member since: Thu May 3, 2018, 08:04 AM
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LOL: Gun Nut Blows Own Nuts Off, Hailed As Hero By Men Who Point Guns At Their Nuts (Wonkette)


Today in things you may feel you were better off not knowing, there are multiple Facebook groups in which men take pictures of themselves with loaded guns pointed towards their dicks. And, in news that should not shock you at all, one of those men has blown off his testicles and is now being hailed as a king by the members of one of these groups.

On August 11, the man, a member of the "Loaded Guns Pointed at (B)enis" group, started posting a live video of himself pointing a gun at his dick and balls, for reasons, when the gun "accidentally" went off, in what's more accurately called a "negligent discharge" — and how. The video was swiftly deleted, and the man subsequently posted the picture above, showing blood spattered everywhere and the caption " (B)ois, I think I fucked up." You will note the copy of the Constitution in the upper left corner, reminding us all that it is a man's Second Amendment right to shoot his balls off if he so chooses.

It was not a mere graze. The man later went to the hospital and discovered that it had actually gone through, which seems ... uncomfortable. But apparently he is doing okay for a guy who just shot himself in the balls. He has since been made an administrator of the group, and members have been photoshopping memes of him as a king, accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, etc. etc.

I'm torn between laughing my own balls off, and wondering if there remains any hope for us as a nation or a species.

EDIT: More from the linked VICE article.

To understand why this idiotic thing happened in the first place, and why there are several groups online dedicated to posting pictures of gun owners pointing a loaded weapon at their dick besides the Facebook group in question, you need to understand the beef raging between online gun people.

"Trigger discipline" is a basic gun safety measure drilled into people when they’re learning about firearms. Basic safety says that you always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and that you point it away from yourself and other people unless you mean to shoot them. Shitposters love taking pictures of a loaded gun pointed at their groin, finger hovering just above the trigger, to irritate responsible gun owners.

He says it's not parody, but I can't believe that.

I mean, "find the secret zipper"? How can this NOT be satire?

Humor: 118 Coronavirus Jokes That Went Viral This Week (Bored Panda)

Who says the Left can't meme?


Loved it so much I sought out some of the sources, like the very first one (Bored Panda doesn't imbed tweets, just images of them):


Alex Jones Encourages Violence (Again)

Don't worry, when someone gets killed over this, he'll tell the judge he's just "playing a character!"


Sauce for the goose, you slimy motherfucker.
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