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Member since: Thu May 3, 2018, 08:04 AM
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ICYMI: Trump Tries To Get Cartoon Image Removed From Sales, Fails

(In case you missed it, because I sure did. Thanks to ThePoke.co.UK for bringing it to my attention!)

Tell me more about how you love free speech, Donny Littlehands.


I don't know why you don't just use nukes, Mango Mussolini.


And as a final haw haw:


Pennsylvania House Republicans Hide Positive Status From Dem Colleagues

Just in case anyone still thought the problem was just Trump:

(Read the whole thread, it's...a beaut.)


House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody said he and other House members were shocked to learn that Republican Rep. Andrew Lewis found out he tested positive for COVID-19 on May 20 and they only learned about it on Wednesday.

Lewis, 33, said he has completed his 14-day self-isolation dating to the time when the Dauphin County Republican believes he may have been exposed. He said he is now fully recovered from the mild flu-like symptoms he experienced from the coronavirus.

“While we are pleased to learn that this House member seems to have recovered, it is simply unacceptable that some House Republicans knew about this for more than a week and sat on that knowledge,” said Dermody of Allegheny County.

Chris Cillizza with the worst take of the day

And of course it involves James Woods.

My favorite response:


ProfessorPlague has the solution to the refuse-to-wear-a-mask idiots!!


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