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Member since: Thu May 3, 2018, 08:04 AM
Number of posts: 4,552

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Chris Cillizza with the worst take of the day

And of course it involves James Woods.

My favorite response:


ProfessorPlague has the solution to the refuse-to-wear-a-mask idiots!!



Jim Bakker: I never said that, please send money

Jim Bakker now claims he never said his Silver Solution cures coronavirus. And because the grift is eternal, he begs for checks. (Of course Right Wing Watch has the clip in which he brings on a shill to "strongly suggest" exactly that.)


His idiot son jumps into the thread to defend Daddy with weaselwording (he knows how the grift works) and gets smacked down.


Step Right Up! Get Your Supernatural Protection Here!

Read the whole thread. This is obscene.


UK's Boris Johnson's Coronavirus plan: "The UK should just take it on the chin."

Johnson--for all appearances the result of a telepod accident involving Donald Trump and Rob Ford--has decided that Britons should just lie back and enjoy it. Welcome their disease overlords. Surrender peacefully. Let it happen. Let it just wash over them.


"Will there be no retribution?"

Putting aside all the blather about "decorum," you'd think making this sort of not-even-veiled threat would be illegal.
But not in Trumpmerika! Apparently!

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