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Tucker Carlson: Bidens' Marriage is Fake

I know better than to ask how low he can go, because he will answer that question.
The better question to ask is: Who's still sponsoring this sack of hammers and what's their contact info?

Best comback:

WTF, TEXAS: 17-Year-Old Sex-Trafficking Victim To Be Tried As Adult for Murder


DALLAS, Feb. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Press House announces that Zephaniah Trevino, known as “Zephi” to her friends and family, was just 16 years old when her sex trafficker shot a man with whom she was being forced to perform sex acts. In a stunning hearing today, a judge ruled that the teen will be tried as an adult for a murder she didn’t commit.


In December, Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot faced calls for his recusal from the case after he shared a social media post from David Finn, the attorney of the man who is accused of abusing Zephi and who has admitted to pulling the trigger the night of the murder. The post outlined details of the case — details that Zephi’s attorneys, Justin Moore and Ashkan Mehryari, are prohibited from discussing due to juvenile confidentiality laws in Texas. In addition, Finn has gone on record about the great friendship he enjoys with Creuzot. This obvious bias against the young woman has heightened pressure for Creuzot to remove himself from Zephi’s case.

“The system in Dallas County is set up to destroy the lives of child sex trafficking victims,” said Moore. “It seeks to force victims into submission and corner them into taking responsibility for the crimes of their abusers. Fighting against such a system takes an incredible amount of courage and grit. It’s unfortunate that a young girl is being asked to display this.”

(more at source)

What in the actual hell, Texans. Fortunately, Zephi's case has attracted the attention of activists and advocates, including celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and...Kim Kardashian? Okay, every voice counts, I guess...but one can only imagine what it's like for the victims who can't get that sort of help.

"MyPillow Guy" Lindell to Counter-Sue Dominion and Smartmatic

My apologies if this was already posted today, I did a search for Lindell and came up with nothin'.

SOURCE -----> https://www.mediaite.com/news/watch-mike-lindell-has-sudden-epiphany-and-says-he-will-sue-dominion-and-smartmatic/

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell pledged on Saturday to take legal action against voting technology companies Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic if they don’t agree to meet with him about his Absolute Proof documentary and voting machine conspiracy theories.

“I just decided, I got an epiphany, if Dominion doesn’t agree to meet, I am going to spend all day today finding out how I can sue them and I will go after them,” Lindell said, on Steve Bannon’s podcast. “We got to get the truth out. And when I go after people in a lawsuit, it’s not for money, I don’t care about the money, it’s to bring out the truth.”

So he just wants them to validate his laughed-off-YouTube video with attention, and if they won't cooperate he'll sue them for...what? Emotional abandonment?

Trump Aides Submit Last-Minute Requests For Extension of Parental Leave

...and get told "no." WOMP WOMP

SOURCE ------> https://currently.att.yahoo.com/att/trump-aides-made-request-team-214738904.html

“We understand that a few Trump appointees, including a handful currently on parental leave, submitted last minute requests to remain on government payroll,” the official said. “Because these requests were received so close to Inauguration Day… there was no way to implement an exception to the rule in a way that is fair to all outgoing appointees, including many who resigned as expected without making requests for extraordinary benefits.”


When some of the Trump political appointees found out that their full leave would not be granted, they elevated the issue to the Biden transition team. But after initially believing that the incoming administration would keep those on leave effectively employed, they soon were told otherwise. The former senior Trump official said he is now regretting his decision to stay until the end of the administration.

“I could have left earlier but I didn’t because I was told ‘hey you’ve got paternity leave coming up,’ and if I had known that you’re not going to get to use your paternity leave and you’re actually gonna just work your ass off when you have a new baby and then get fired, I probably would have made a different decision,” he said.

The former official declined to go on the record for fear that it would affect his prospects of landing a job with a salary to support a family of five. “It makes you look like you’re desperate for work and a story about me wanting to get money is not going to work well when I’m negotiating with people I’m talking to,” he said. “I’m trying to convince everybody that I’m in a perfectly good situation.”

(more at source)

They really thought they were going to milk Teh Stupid Libz for a free ride.

Alaska Senator Reinbold Harasses Flight Crew Over Mask Policy

Another day, another buffoon. As part of their standard "NO, U" response to everything they're now calling anyone who objects to their stupidity "Karen." Her media posts are visible at the source article. Paywall temporary lifted.


(November 16) Reinbold most recently made social media waves this past weekend when she made a public Facebook post bemoaning a passenger she referred to as "Karen." The passenger apparently expressed displeasure with Senator Reinbold's lack of mask-wearing on a recent Alaska Airlines flight, bringing it to the flight attendant's attention.

In Reinbold's post, she claimed her mask was "dumb, worthless" and "suffocating." She claimed that flight attendants on the Alaska Airlines flight were "overbearing."

The Alaska Senator also claims Alaska Airlines wanted her to wear a second mask over her first mask and that the flight attendants were "wrongly giving medical advise (sp) without a medical license."

Alaska Airlines responded to inquiry with the following statement:

"We are aware of the social media post from State Senator Lora Reinbold regarding her recent travel on Alaska Airlines...After being reminded onboard, the senator complied with these requirements and completed her journey."

Trump supporter thrown off flight for not wearing mask in probable publicity stunt

Trump Supporter Kicked Off Southwest Flight: Why, Though?

(most of the opinion piece is copypasted below with only minor editing for formatting and clarity)


A Twitter user shared a video of an incident that allegedly occurred on a Southwest Airlines flight yesterday, and it’s going viral, with over 650K people having seen the video since last night.

The video shows the interaction a passenger had with a ground agent, who boarded the plane to remove him. The passenger was wearing a Trump hat and face mask and had a bag of nuts in one of his hands.

It’s not entirely clear how the passenger filming the video is connected to the man, though it does seem like they know one another. In the video we see the following:

- The woman filming jumps in repeatedly to comment, including saying “could you tell us the policy that prevents him from taking his mask off while he’s eating please?”
- She also claims “it’s the hat and the mask, it’s not the eating”
- The person she is traveling with says “I’ll go with him” when he’s removed from the plane
- The camera then points to the woman seated a row behind, who says “he put his mask on, he took it off when he started eating the nuts”
- Someone suggests this is a publicity stunt, to which this woman responds “it’s not a publicity stunt, it’s trying to make you follow policy, indiscriminately and impartially”
- In a video showing the passenger finally deplaning, you can hear another passenger say “please leave so we can leave,” to which the woman responds “yeah, and that’s what they said in Germany too, right, just comply, thank you very much for showing us who you are”

Here is the last 45 seconds of the video where the Trump supporter is escorted off the flight.

Let me start by acknowledging that this is a very divisive time politically, and I don’t think anyone who is being honest with themselves can claim to be fully unbiased. A few things stand out to me about the video, though, which I hope are details most of us can agree on:

- The man being kicked off the plane and the woman filming have almost a suspiciously good defense on video — he’s literally holding the bag of nuts, and she repeatedly asks if someone is not allowed to take off their mask to eat, which suggests they clearly know the rules; the woman even suggests she flies Southwest three times per week (who the heck is flying three times per week nowadays?)
- At the same time, the man being kicked off the plane doesn’t exactly seem to be great with masks — he takes it off, then briefly puts it over his mouth (but not nose), and then takes it off again, which doesn’t exactly support his claim of only taking it off to eat
- The video ends abruptly and then restarts, despite the fact that they’re not asked to stop filming, which makes me wonder why it stopped suddenly; was there something they were trying to not show?
- The gate agent references how they weren’t following the crew’s instructions, suggesting this wasn’t about eating as such
- The woman who was seated one row behind and speaks out in their favor specifically notes that “he put his mask on, he took it off when he started eating the nuts,” which suggests that his mask wasn’t just off while eating

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. However, based on the candid take of the woman behind (who is even speaking out on the passenger’s behalf), here’s my best guess as to what may have unfolded:

- The man wasn’t wearing a mask at some point (again, she said “he put his mask on”)
- The crew confronted him about it and gave him a warning (the gate agent said “you need to follow the crew’s instructions”)
- Then he took his mask off again at some point during boarding to eat, knowing the snacking exception (it’s anyone’s guess if this was just intended to push buttons or what)
- Perhaps the crew had different political opinions, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they perhaps weren’t as patient as they may have been with someone else

"Mother! Mother!" Mike Pence: the Hitchcock version

'Karen' Halloween Masks Spark Outrage...and High Demand

Via CBR:

Artist Jason Adcock has crafted a painted latex mask bearing the caricature of a white, angry middle-aged woman, replete with the signature blonde Karen hairstyle. The face is a grotesque exaggeration of a stereotypical "Karen," a deprecatory name commonly given to an unreasonably demanding woman considered to be privileged or entitled.


The artist also says he's received no shortage of irate comments, from complainants ironically asking to speak to his manager.

Adcock has also made an even more disturbing, pustule-infested "KAREN-19" variant of the mask. "She thought she was slick calling you all sheep and look what happened," Adcock joked on another Instagram post.

I dunno, looks like Kellyanne Kryptkeeper Konway to me.

Lunatic Promises Miracle (Again)

"Awesome power!"
"Join me or die! Can you do any less?"

Hey, remember this blast from the past?


FBI Involved After Antimasker QAnon Loony Threatens Teachers


“She kept saying that she was going to make sure we never worked again, and that everyone knew what sickos we were and that she had her arsenal ready and that she was basically going to get rid of us at any cost,” said Allen.

The Hillsborough County Classroom Teachers Association says the same woman made threatening posts on their Facebook page and they finally blocked her.

“She was accusing the whole union, all teachers of being pedophiles,” said Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins the Executive director of the HCTA.

When contacted by a reporter, (Elena Luyo of Tampa) strongly denied making any threats but does admit she used strong language in her Facebook posts.

Luyo claims it all started when several teachers used false names and invaded a private Facebook group that she is a member of. The Facebook group opposes wearing masks.

“There is no science backing it up. They represent a collective communist society. It’s a representation of China. I mean the masks come from China,” said Luyo who added, “They admitted in their member only group that they snuck into our group like dirty little weasels.”

Where does your MAGA cap come from, Loopy?

“I started calling them pedo-marxists. In my opinion, if you are sneaking into a Facebook group on social media, what are you doing behind closed doors, where no other parent can see what’s going on,” said Luyo.

She justifies her Facebook posts and the messages she sent because Luyo says she felt threatened by the teachers.

“At that point, I don’t really care what I called you know what I’m saying. You violated me, you violated people I don’t even know, so at that point you could be anything, maybe you’re not a pedo,” said Luyo.

Luyo says she looked up some of the teachers online and they just looked like pedophiles.

“Looking at the profiles of these teachers that were sneaking into our group, they looked very questionable, they looked disturbing,” said Luyo.

Allen and the HCTA say they’ve reported the online threats to the FBI.
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