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Member since: Fri Apr 27, 2018, 01:42 PM
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Did anyone else notice the end of the Oval Office Addres?

He ended it with “. . . so help me God! Thank you and good night.”

Haven’t most [real] presidents ended Oval Office speeches to the nation with an anodyne, “God bless America”?

I don’t remember whether President Obama ever neglected to use that ending (because it’s not that important to me). Wouldn’t the religious troglodytes have jumped all over President Obama had he failed to end a speech with “GbA”?

So far, I’ve not seen any mention of this in the media; even if Faux Noise blowhards adverted to this, I doubt they’d mention it publicly.

I believe that a narcissist could easily say, “. . . so help *me* God,” and wouldn’t even consider ending with “GbA,” so this is no surprise to me on this level.

Amazing the thoroughgoing hypocrisy of the Religious Wrong these days! Sigh.
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