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Member since: Fri Apr 27, 2018, 12:42 PM
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There was no Trump "Friday Night Massacre" yesterday.

It was, rather, his own personal Kristallnacht.

How much legal weight does the GAO opinion carry?

IANAL! If GAO says the WH “broke the law” in withholding Ukrainian aid $$, would this effectively prevent a claim of “executive privilege” with regard to attempts to block testimony of witnesses with knowledge of and/or participation in that criminal activity?

Interesting use of "Democrat Savages" this morning!

Coincidence that he then identifies two Jewish men and four women of color?

(Asking for a friend.) /s

Could the House not just vote to hold in Inherent Contempt

and put in jail all those — like Lewandowski — who are claiming “absolute privilege”?

And/or assess a fine of $10k — which doubles EVERY DAY thereafter? (Do the math. This would reach staggering numbers, quickly.)

Might this finally get past the obstruction that’s going on?

IANAL. Could *conspirators* to commit obstruction be assessed the same monetary fine? (Am I correct in assuming that this would NOT be the same as an indictment coming from the DoJ?) Since rubles are all that matter to at least one person in this conspiracy, might such a monetary fine finally break through the myriad impasses to House oversight he’s finagled?

Asking for a friend.

The U.S. Government has issued extrajudicial death sentences for some immigrant children

and young adults who are here *legally* and have committed no crimes!

Didn’t the Constitution of the U.S. once prohibit the imposition of extrajudicial sentences of death?

Is this a trial balloon for expanded imposition of extrajudicial death sentences?

Cruelty is a feature, not a bug, after all . . .

Photobomb with American Lady butterfly


I originally thought this was a Painted Lady when I was photographing her, but it's actually an American Lady (two eyespots on wing, rather than four). I'm not sure what the photobomber is; I only noticed him in this one frame.

Any ideas for me?


Did anyone else notice the end of the Oval Office Addres?

He ended it with “. . . so help me God! Thank you and good night.”

Haven’t most [real] presidents ended Oval Office speeches to the nation with an anodyne, “God bless America”?

I don’t remember whether President Obama ever neglected to use that ending (because it’s not that important to me). Wouldn’t the religious troglodytes have jumped all over President Obama had he failed to end a speech with “GbA”?

So far, I’ve not seen any mention of this in the media; even if Faux Noise blowhards adverted to this, I doubt they’d mention it publicly.

I believe that a narcissist could easily say, “. . . so help *me* God,” and wouldn’t even consider ending with “GbA,” so this is no surprise to me on this level.

Amazing the thoroughgoing hypocrisy of the Religious Wrong these days! Sigh.

With regard to the "Wall," perhaps Democrats could emphasize

"He kept saying, 'Mexico will pay for the wall," but now he wants to RAISE YOUR TAXES in order to pay for it. Well, WE REFUSE TO RAISE YOUR TAXES for it!! We're simply demanding that since he's such a 'great deal-maker' he pony up on his guarantee that Mexico foot the bill for a wall that's not needed. In the meantime, we will continue to REFUSE TO RAISE YOU TAXES for an unneeded, ill-advised, and ridiculous boondoggle!"

My sincerest condolences

to all who mourn. Grief is not a mental illness, but it can certainly feel like one — perhaps because every new grief brings up every old grief. Lord knows, this week has occasioned monstrous griefs for our Nation. Or at least for those of us who have not yet lost our souls and/or our decency.
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