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Judges have...ruled that Congress has a greater claim to sensitive documents [during impeachment]

As many of us have been saying, if Democrats are serious about getting documents and testimony, they should begin an impeachment inquiry.

Here’s why Democrats may rethink impeaching Trump
Judges have repeatedly ruled that Congress has a greater claim to sensitive documents when it can point to an ongoing legal matter, like impeachment.


... there’s another rationale for launching impeachment that has some Democrats reconsidering the idea — getting access to the sensitive documents and testimony that Trump’s team is withholding.

Judges have repeatedly ruled that Congress has a greater claim to sensitive government documents and personal information when it can point to an ongoing legal matter, instead of just a congressional investigation or legislative debate. And impeachment would give lawmakers that legal matter — the process is essentially a court procedure run by Congress where the House brings charges and the Senate holds the trial.
But legal experts and lawmakers across the ideological spectrum acknowledge that formally unleashing impeachment would bolster Democrats’ arguments that they deserve to see the president’s tax returns, interview senior officials, peruse special counsel Robert Mueller’s trove of evidence and see the details of Trump’s personal dealings with foreign leaders.

Read the rest here:


Trump Jr. fires back at Burr!

What the heck is going on?

Don Jr’s camp responds to his subpoena with 🔥🔥— calls Burr a ”so-called” Republican who answers to Warner and is pulling an “obvious PR stunt.”


Wednesday's contempt vote for Barr is not inherent contempt

I think some people are confused about Wednesday's vote to hold Barr in contempt of Congress. This Wednesday's vote is the same thing that Republicans did to Holder. It will get referred to the DOJ where nothing will happen.

I have no idea if the House is considering filing a civil referral to a judge to enforce the subpoenas. This would take a long time.

Inherent contempt is a completely different process. This is a trial in the House. The Sergeant at Arms of the House would first capture and bring the "suspect" to the House for a trial. The trial would be somewhat similar to the Clinton impeachment trial in the Senate. The suspect has the right to defend himself, bring witnesses, etc. It is an actual trial. Then if the House votes that the suspect is guilty, the House can imprison the person.

IMHO, all of these delays need to stop. A formal impeachment inquiry should begin. This could help expedite the process through the courts and make it more likely for judges to enforce the subpoenas.

If there is strong resistance then the House should use inherent contempt against McGahn, Lewandowski, Donaldson, etc. They are private citizens and have far less ability to prevent capture by the House.

North Korea fires short-range missile

There goes Trump's Nobel prize

#BREAKING North Korea fires short-range missile: Yonhap

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