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Member since: Sat Apr 7, 2018, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 3,344

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LOL. Why was Trump tweeting during his physical?

From the pool report as Trump leaves Walter Reed for his annual physical: "Hogan Gidley came into the hold room briefly. He didn't have a explanation for how President Trump was tweeting during his physical."


Kilimnik met Manafort in DC at the time of the inauguration


WOW: Per new court filing, KONSTANTIN KILIMNIK, the Russia intelligence-linked PAUL MANAFORT deputy, was in DC for TRUMP's inauguration, & met with Manafort about a Russia-Ukraine peace plan that we know envisioned a role for Russia-aligned former Ukrainian president YANUKOVYCH.



With today's news (see my last tweet), we now know that Manafort was *simultaneously* (the same week) in touch with Kremlin agent Konstantin Kilimnik in person in DC *and* by phone to the Trump transition, in *both* cases on the topic of Russia. Relevant:


Could someone check the yearbooks of the Democratic primary candidates now?

Asking for a friend.

Senate investigators told Trump Jr.'s...calls weren't with his father - Update:Callers Identified

On CNN now:

Senate investigators have obtained new information showing Donald Trump Jr.'s mysterious phone calls ahead of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting were not with his father, three sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN.

Records provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee show the calls were between Trump Jr. and two of his business associates, the sources said, and appear to contradict Democrats' long-held suspicions that the blocked number was from then-candidate Donald Trump.



NEW - Sources tell @ABC News the identities of the blocked calls with Donald Trump Jr - 2 longtime Trump family friends and supporters - NASCAR CEO Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber - from me and @mattmosk


BREAKING: One call was to Howard Lorber.

"Trumpís ties with Lorber run deep...[and] have attracted the interest of congressional investigators. In the 90s, when Trump started exploring real estate options in Russia, Lorber accompanied him on a tour of Moscow."

This feels fishy.


Mueller team signals to Stone associate another indictment may be in the works

Anyone ready for more indictments?

By Sara Murray and Katelyn Polantz, CNN
Updated 11:00 PM ET, Mon January 28, 2019

A defense attorney for Andrew Miller, who's fighting a subpoena from Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, learned Monday afternoon that the special counsel still wants witness testimony for a federal grand jury.

Paul Kamenar, the defense attorney, says the assertion from Mueller's team made clear to him that Mueller and the Justice Department are considering an additional indictment of Roger Stone or have plans to charge others.
In a court hearing about Miller's testimony, a judge made clear that Mueller sought information Miller had about Stone's communications regarding Wikileaks and Russian hackers around the time they disseminated damaging hacked Democratic emails.

"The special counsel has advised me the grand jury is still interested in Andrew Miller, and they consider the case still a live case," Kamenar told CNN late Monday afternoon.


Adam Schiff comments on Whitaker comment

An Acting Attorney General who refuses to follow the advice of ethics lawyers and recuse himself from an investigation in which he has shown a clear bias is the last person who should speak for the Special Counsel.

While the probe is ongoing, Mueller can speak for himself.


Paging Glenn Greenwald! :)

Paging Glenn Greenwald!

Someone should check on Glenn quick to ensure he's OK!

GOP Sen. Cory Gardner to break with Republicans on Trump's wall

They're starting to crack, folks! Keep up the pressure!

Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardnerís spokesman told us Wednesday he intends to vote for a clean funding bill that would open the government with no increased border-security funding attached.


Today: Pelosi reiterates Trump's offer is a nonstarter

You tell him, Madame Speaker!

At Capitol today, @SpeakerPelosi again dismisses @POTUS deal to end Government shutdown "as a nonstarter." "We cannot have the president, every time he has an objection. say, ĎIíll shut down the Government until you come to my way of thinking.í"


Trump's legal team contacted Mueller Friday morning, regarding Buzzfeed article

Well, this isn't suspicious at all, right?

Rudy Giuliani tells CNN that Trumpís legal team reached out to the special counsel Robert Muellerís office regarding the BuzzFeed article Friday morning. Giuliani would not offer further detail about what they said to Muellerís office.


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