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Profile Information

Name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ Coastal South Jersey
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Member since: Thu Mar 22, 2018, 08:39 PM
Number of posts: 596

Journal Archives

100 Year Storm

100 Year Storm
Dedicated to Larry (My late husband)

Winds twirling to the east
A hot and wonderful cocktail
Thunder rolling toward me
I remember every detail

Lightening snapping behind us
Turbulence from the stormy sea
A summer tempest coming furiously
Somehow we could both foresee

Looking down the stairs at you
We’d opened up the floodgate
I warned you, “Don’t you fall in love.”
You knew it was too late.

Your ‘bad-boy’ grin was just an act
Your kindness reached my core
Our differences played harmony
First friends, eventually more

Sun baked our skin to red
Sandy feet
Burned barefoot trails
Starry nights cooled our dreams
I remember every detail

Some of us
We have the luck
For birth signs to align
To find ourselves
To be born
Right in the path
Of a hundred year storm
If it happens to you
Just let it exist
That thunderous love
You just can’t resist

That August day looking down at you
Your ‘bad-boy’ grin showed me my fate
I warned you, “Don’t you fall in love.”
We both knew it was too late.

And I.... I remember every detail.


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