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Profile Information

Name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ Coastal South Jersey
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Member since: Thu Mar 22, 2018, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 596

Journal Archives

Need 2 poets!

I was nominated for an International Poetry Challenge called #PeetMeNot. I donít understand the hashtag (or what ďpeetĒ means. It started in India by an award winning poet. I was nominated by a man in Florida. Itís an 8 day challenge (8 poems). Just FYI, itís through Facebook, which I tend to avoid, and you must also post a picture of yourself each day.
Today is my 6th day. On my 8th day, Iím supposed to nominate one or two new poets to carry the torch. If anyone is interested, please let me know and, if itís not too much trouble, could you send a sample?
Iíve mostly been creative with my pictures, showing only part of my face, but yesterday I just took a selfie. Today Iím using my face but with a veil. I donít think there are specific rules about the photo, which for some reason for me is the hardest part. If you are considering it, Iíd be happy to send you a few of mine.
I know we have very talented writers here at DU, so fingers crossed! 🤞 💕

Preaching to the Choir

Preaching to the Choir
Death in daylight screamed to us
A message to the wise
Close your heart to evil now
And open up your eyes

On the narrow walk of fate
Balancing lifeís high wire
Youíre passing down divisive hate
Preaching to your choir

Yesterdayís mistakes repeating
Lessons learned in vain
History repeats itself
Bleeding from the pain

Your words come back to haunt you
Hiding behind guns for hire
Amplify insanity
To feed your rabid choir

The masses rise up now united
Left with little choice
A force of solidarity
The world now has one voice

Youíre stumbling to the gates of hell
A blackened soul on fire
Youíre not fooling anyone
Just preaching to your choir

Violence, lies, and bigotry
Are all that you inspire
False prophet for the worst of us
Preaching to your choir

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