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Profile Information

Name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ Coastal South Jersey
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Member since: Thu Mar 22, 2018, 08:39 PM
Number of posts: 596

Journal Archives

I'd like to post some poetry regarding domestic violence

I donít think itís violent and, although meant to give pause, I am hoping it wonít upset anyone. I have seen so much blaming of the victim that I wanted to share.
Iíve been through many changing moods through this series. This was my ďtough girlĒ anthem that I donít think will upset anyone. I donít always rhyme, but this one does.
Please, if you feel that this topic is too painful, let me know before I get deeper. This one is just flip:

I Ran. Big Deal.

Take his pictures
Off the walls
Change your status
Block his calls
Give all his t-shirts
To Good Will
Even though you
Wear them still
Pretend that you
Don't want to die
Sleep with 14
Other guys
Find a pawn shop
Sell his shit
Tell the world
You're over it.

Lupus, then shingles, now staph. Should I worry?

Iím on maintenance chemo for Lupus (SLE). Came down with shingles. Doc said itís fairly common with my lack of immune system. Then it became infected. Today lab results came back that itís staph and concerned about MRSA. Local doc ordered antibiotic. My Lupus doc is in Philly (about an hour and a half away) and closed for the weekend. The local doc knows nothing about Lupus. I mean NOTHING.
Anyone here know more than my local doc? Should I be worried?

Went to see the fireworks in Seaside Heights NJ

I live about an hour south, and have always gone to our very small town July 4th celebration at the lake, but havenít been able to for 2 years for reasons that Iím ALMOST ready to talk about. So last year, we watched from a boat in the Atlantic and this year I wanted to try being around people (PTSD). What I noticed were a whole lot of people who ďsome peopleĒ would not consider ďAmericans.Ē Quite a few from the UK, other parts of Europe, Eastern Europeans (who often work the rides on our boardwalks), but about half Hispanic. Seaside, itself, is a very mixed race/nationality area in every way. They have parades for just about every nationality you can think of. Maybe a smaller melting pot. Well, naturally, some guy with a NOT NJ accent (no, we donít say JOISEY) had to bring up all the Mexicans with expensive sneakers. I donít know the first thing about sneakers, but I had to say, ďHow do you know they are Mexican?Ē He said, ďWell, theyíre speaking Spanish.Ē I said, ďAnd they are all decked out in pride in red, white, and blue. Ever occur to you that they are here legally and make a decent living in our multilingual economy?Ē He froze for a minute, looked at their patriotic clothing, and said, ďNo. It never really did.Ē
He walked away. Iím not sure if anything sank deeper into that noggin of his, but I was proud of my stand, especially considering where Iíve been these last two years. I was glad I didnít end up with a black eye (5 foot blonde lady, here) but for a few minutes, I didnít care.
Oh, and the fireworks were spectacular!

Pics from the protest in NJ that my son attended...

Geez, just realized Iíve never posted pics, but Iíll try. The posters are my sisterís. Sheís an artist. Iím proud, but also jealous. Mine would have a stick figure and some innocent person would ask, ďIím sorry, but is that a? I donít know, snake? Stick? Balloon on a stick?Ē Sheís awesome, and even more awesome to have brought my son while I was ill.
Apologies ahead of time if I canít get the pictures ASAP, but Iím sure with help, they will come to you! IMG_0745.jpeg
Iím only attaching the first. Let me know if it works, and if not, what Iím screwing up!
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