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Name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ Coastal South Jersey
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Member since: Thu Mar 22, 2018, 08:39 PM
Number of posts: 596

Journal Archives

Well, my 15 year old son just headed off to protest!

I have Lupus, and Iíve been having a tough time of it lately, with the heat and photsensitivity. Then I got shingles which got infected (apparently common with chemo treatments) so I had to send him with my sister and her husband. Iím so proud of him, but also scared to death that I wonít be with him should anything go wrong. They were going to head out to Philly, but went to a smaller location here in NJ. My son is 6 foot 1. Heís adopted, and while we are waiting for his DNA results (because heís curious), he definitely doesnít look white. I donít think Iím being irrational to think that a kid who looks like a black man may be in danger in Philadelphia. I never discouraged him, but went through everything that MIGHT protect him from racist riot police. I just wish I could be beside him. I would gladly give my life for his, but I think my sister would, too. But sheís a hothead at times, and doesnít understand the fine line that other ethnicities have to walk.
Anyway, just wanted to blurt this all out I guess. He is an amazing kid and heís the kind of person who can change the world. All I could do was help him make a sign and freeze water bottles last night! Wishing him change, luck, and peace today.
Thanks for letting me babble. I had tears watching them pull away...
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