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Dr Vegas

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Member since: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 05:17 PM
Number of posts: 456

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Pope Francis spoke today 3/27

Reporter: What do you say to those who are Afraid ?

Trump: That's a nasty question

Pope Francis: Hold My Beer....,


New Deal Programs "Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC),"

"In 1932, FDR took America’s political helm during the country’s worst economic crisis, declaring a “government worthy of its name must make a fitting response” to the suffering of the unemployed. He implemented the CCC a little over one month into his presidency as part of his administration’s “New Deal” plan for social and economic progress."

Isn't this what AOC has been suggesting? Just a Updated version?

I can see history repeating itself with Joe Biden in office

There Are Lives in The Balance: Jackson Browne Test Positive for Coronavirus


It's started

I am in lockdown with my Brother. He has been very helpful with me since I am disable from a stroke that I had several years ago

But he is a TRump supporter.
We usually avoid talking about politics

He is blaming the DEmocrats for they delay in the stimulus bill.

He said that they are demanding boards for each company that gets money and that those boards must include woman and minorities.

He posted about Ted Cruz arguing about what Carbon limits have to do the Virus.

I just pointed out the Business stimulus and the People stimulus are two different bills.

I am not trying to start anything with him, we have to live together

I just want to avoid any conflict with him.

BUT I think this is TRUMPS plan all along,

Two Hours of "Madame Secretary" on the CW Channel @4pm est

we will tell future generations of a time when people gather and sang and enjoyed each other company

the original song

"Woke up this morning
I suddenly realized
We're all in this together
I started smiling
'Cause you were smiling
And we're all in this together
I'm made of atoms
You're made of atoms
And we're all in this together
And long division
Just doesn't matter
'Cause we're all in this together

I saw you walking
In the city
We're all in this together
The city's changing
'Cause we are changing
And we're all in this together
Every twelve seconds
Someone remembers
That we're all in this together
In the kitchen
Of your rent-control apartment
We're all in this together

C'mon baby
I don't mean to rush you
I only wanted to reach out and touch you
I've gotta start to open my heart

I know you think
About jumping ship before it sinks
But we're all in this together
Ask a scientist
It's quantum physics
We're all in this together
And on the subway
We feel like strangers
But we're all in this together
Yeah, I love you and you love her
And she loves him
But we're all in this together

Y'know, baby
There's never been protection
In all the history of human connection
C'mon, darling
It's alright to show me
You don't ever need to be lonely
Once you start to open your heart"

So I had a issue last night

my Brother had to calm me down. Not a Panic Attack but close to it.
I had the Philly News on and they show a video of people lining up outside of a GUN SHOP. WTF?
Will we all have to have guns to protect/steal our food? My brother suggested that I was over-reacting but that scene left me sick to my stomach all night.

a joke to lighten things up

ABBOTT: So they're saying Coronavirus is a pandemic




ABBOTT: Of Course that's their Job


ABBOTT: Exactly

COSTELLO: And What is the name of that Organization?

ABBOTT: Not What..., WHO!

COSTELLO: That's What I"m trying to find out!
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