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Dr Vegas

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Member since: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 05:17 PM
Number of posts: 456

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This NEW commercial made me smile (Woman Rising)

Yes that is Springsteen in the Background


Mom's March Campaign for Senators Supporting Kavanaugh

So around midnight EST Sunday I get an Email Thanking me for supporting the Mom's March Movement for Senators Supporting Kavanaugh. WTF???<., Before I ask to be taken off their email list, I demanded to know HOW they got my email since I NEVER sign up for this group. I suggested that if they cannot answer my question, that I would expose them as being a part of a Russian Troll Farm.
They are also on FB, so I message them and asked the same question there, I also pointed out that my email to their return address "[email protected]" bounced back to me as an "Unknown Address". I did write some really nasty stuff in both communications but I am tired of this BS.

In the pass year the NRA sent my DEAD Dad (over a year) a membership kit suggesting his dues were late. My Dad a WW2 vet was Anti-Gun. We weren't allowed to even have toy guns in our house. I wrote to them and suggest that respect an dead WW2 vet wishes and take him off their list

Last Year Michael Huckabee's group called my Parents #, (which is on the Do Not Call List) asking for some Donation for some type of Book. I also wrote to them and they said that they were "Non-profit" and didn't have to go follow that list.

My brother will say that I am overreacting to all this. Has anyone on DU had to deal with this BS???

All the Money?


Really? All the Money?

Brass Against the Machine

CD now available on their site


More Brass Against the Machine

It was suggested to me to try to post a video as a stand alone, I'm not sure if this is how to do it

Here's a mini set from Brass Against the Machine

On The Basis of Sex (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)

Trailer released today:


So Good News Today (On the Basis of Sex)

the Trailer was released today:


Ad for Amazon Show "Man In the High Castle"

I posted this on FB, had to explain that it was an AD for the new season on a streaming Amazon show that was based on a book that had an Alternative history to post WW2 World Order (The Book was written way before the Trump Era). Amazon previously had an AD campaign for the show called "Radio Resistance" that had triggered many Trump Supporters (thinking it was all about him). I wonder how many people will freak out over this video..,

I am unable to post the video here. It is basically a visual Ad feature a nazi flag that begins to break apart into flying birds (doves?)

Last Year at this Time

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