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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 1,267

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Their Billionaire Owners Tell Republicans They Need To Confirm Their Representative Kavanaugh $$$$$$

Or else their campaigns won't be paid for. ($$$$ To Super Pacs To Attack Their Foes Relentlessly With Lies)

It all boils down to this.

$$$ Billionaire Cash.

The billionaires don't care how many girls Kavanaugh tried to rape, or gang raped. He is guaranteed to rule in their favor 100000% of the time and they NEED HIM CONFIRMED NOW. It's simply ROI.

Isn't Democracy Great!

How Many More Georgetown Prep And Yale Gang Rape Victims

Do you expect to come forward?

Let's Find Out How Many Drunk Girls Kavanaugh And Friends

Gang raped. Why not....

How Many Passed Out Girls Would Kavanaugh Have To Rape

To be determined to be unfit by Republicans for the SCOTUS.

Republicans Would Definitely Sell Out To Putin If That Was The Only Way To Hold Onto Power

Don't forget this simple fact.

Republicans will soon be more loyal to Russia than to the American Citizens.

Republicans Say Reporting Attempted Rape Is Smearing Rapists - Good Position There Republicans

Think about it.

Reporting rape is "smearing".

I guess in a way it is......

Republicans, go to hell.

The Kochs Still Want Kavanaugh Confirmed - Of Course They Do - They Encourage Rape

Of everything.

Planetary rape.

So what if he assaulted a girl in high school. He's a corporate tool and that's all that is important to the Kochs.

I just saw a brand new fresh ad, and I am sure the Koch Brothers paid for it.

KellyAnne Conway Just Said What Kavanaugh Did To Dr. Blasey He Could Do To Her Daugher Too!


Just shut up KellyAnne.

Stop justifying the actions of sexual predators.

Just A Reminder Trump: You Are Still Going To Prison - We Don't Care How Much Chaos You Create

You, and your kids will be paying your dues for your lives of crime soon enough.

In case you forgot.

Dear Lindsey Graham: All That Southern Charm Isn't Gonna Change The Fact That Kavanaugh Is A POS

A Piece Of Sh*t that should be behind bars, not on the Supreme Court.

Now charm away.....
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