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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 1,618

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In Washington State They Voted Against The Carbon Tax - Burn Baby Burn - Sorry Cal / WA

Sorry folks, it truly is hopeless.

Oceans = Dead
Seas = 10 to 200 Feet Higher
Temperature = 10 Degrees Hotter

Welcome to the future.

Hothouse Earth


We just gotta drive everywhere. Walking, biking, and taking trains and buses is way too much trouble!


Don Lemmon Reagan Was A Horrible Racist Fraud Criminal Liar

Welfare queens driving caddillacs.

Only there to help the rich rob us. Just ask John Stockman.

His daughter can go to hell.

No Way MSNBC Michelle Obama And The Peacemakers

America is in a war for its soul. It's good versus evil. I will make peace with Republicans when they stop behaving and sounding like NAZIS. Sorry. I'm not buying the America wants us to work together lie.

A third of this country would gladly blow up the entire planet to hold onto power one more day. They need to be stopped not treated with respect.

Sorry it has to be this way. Thank you Newt America's greatest traitor.

Remember We Can't Complain About Fools Opposing Nancy Pelosi On DU

Nancy is by far the best we got. By far.

Opposing her "strongly" because nutjobs on the right have demonized her is foolish.

We need unity.

She will groom a replacement soon enough.

Trump Is So Depressed

He just found out Charles Manson had died and he has positions to fill. Darnit!

Tweety Said He Heard McCarthy Was Great On Numbers - Huuuuuuhhhhh???

I imagine he means the same kind of fairy numbers Paul Ryan uses.

Tax cuts cause government revenue to go up with fairy money.

Tweety you are an idiot, and McCarthy is a lying Republican fraud loser.


How Much Corporate Welfare Should Amazon Get - Any Thoughts?

They will "move" to the place that gives them the most tax breaks.


They could take all them billions Amazon will get and give it small businesses Amazon is destroying instead.

Twice as much bang for the buck.

We are being screwed so bad.....

Just like Boeing getting 9 billion in tax breaks to "not move" but my company didn't get a dime.


Mr. Trump - Today Would Be A Great Day To Resign

The sooner you resign, the more time you will be able to spend with your family before......

Just sayyin....

Investigating Trump Is Wrong Says Republicans - Let's Have 5,000 More Benghazi Hearings Instead!

Then we can look into Whitewater, and Pizzagate while we're at it!

The Republican Party Needs To Be Destroyed

Every single thing every single Republican wants is bad for everyone except billionaires.

As long as they don't give a damn about anything but billionaires, Mammon worshiping Evangelicals, and holding onto power by voter suppression, gerrymandering, lying about EVERYTHING, and other forms of pure evil, we should show them no mercy.

I wish someone in our party would say exactly that.

If Republicans somehow someday begin acting like human beings, and realize America is supposed to be a democracy, and not a monarchy, then we can "reach out" to them.

Till then I need people to protect my health care, our environment, and our children's future with all they've got. Folks who will get in the way of the billionaires as they rob us blind every single day.

Democrats, do your job!

And Thank You.

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