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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 1,964

Journal Archives

Since Rudy Is Out There Lying And Helping With The Cover Up - Arrest Him

Once a criminal's lawyer crosses the line and helps in additional crimes, he can be arrested.

Lock Up Rudy.

The Shutdown Will End When Putin Says It Will End

Anf not a moment sooner.

Did Rudi Strike Oil? He Was Spinning Reeeeal Hard

If you strapped some kind of bit to his ass he would be coming out in China.

This Bernie Supporter Will Support Bernie If He Runs

And so will almost all of the other Bernie Supporters.

Sorry other 20 / 25 candidates.

I like all of them but one but I am an anti-oligarchy Bernie guy.

The Rock Pelosi Wrestles Pee Wee Trump No Holds Barred

It's not gonna be pretty folks.

Too bad the fate of the entire planet weighs in the balance.

Pee Wee is looking for some Rubles to bail him out one more time.

Is it gonna work?

Show The Notes Show The Notes Show The Notes

Prove in this one case you were not doing bad stuff Trump.

Show the world the interpreter's notes.

We know you won't because you were selling us out.

Imagine The Kompromat Putin Has On Trump

After years of giving this loud mouth money and recording what he says.

Who knows what the idiot has said.

Good job Republican Base.

Now I wonder what secrets Trump is giving Putin.


Of course Trump doesn't want witnesses at his meetings.

Trump Wants No Witnesses When He Meets Putin

Proof he is a traitor.

Ted Cruz Is Right - Republicans Don't Care If Putin Owns And Commands Donald Trump

As long as Republicans can hold onto some amount of power.

Republicans really don't care who their masters are.


Democrats Agree To Pay For Trump's Wall...

Just as soon as the check from Mexico clears.

That's the deal right?


You said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall. Yes you did.

You never said you would shut down the government if Mexico didn't pay now did you?



Hello Donald.
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