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Gender: Male
Hometown: FL
Home country: USA
Current location: N FL scrub
Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,447

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Props to Mary Nam, Seattle ch. 4 news anchor for speaking up about Sinclair

I wonder who else may follow suit.

I had noticed that my favorite local news was seeming more conservative. Crap!

For quite a while now it seems like any time there is a politically volatile issue, they give a disproportionate amount of air time to the conservative "take" on the issue. Then they allow a much shorter alternative viewpoint, if at all. This station has always bragged about "getting the facts."
So I just googled Sinclair and looked at a listing of their stations. Sure enough, WCYB, channel 5, Bristol, VA, was purchased by Sinclair in 2017.
I guess I'll be watching channel 11 from now on. Fine with me.

Infowars Jerome Corsi (heart attack waiting to happen) wants to fight Mueller. Good grief!

That guy looks like he has to pack a suitcase to walk to the refrigerator.

I challenge Ric Santorum to stare into a camera for 6:20 while keeping his mouth shut

I don't think Marco Rubio is having a very good day today. Sad (not).

While recovering from a hoagie I watched "The Third Man", 1949 British version, TCM...good stuff

Trump's Republican nomination....what if??

One thing that has always puzzled me is the abnormally large number of candidates at the Republican "debates." If you could call them that. There were actually several better qualified candidates, but with so many people on the stage time to speak was limited. This favored Trump because of his brashness and he quickly became the "strongman" figure. It must have been extremely frustrating to Jeb Bush, John Kasich, et al. It really did seem to me to have that reality show feel and had nothing to do with issues.
Not that it matters now, but it has always seemed strange to me that the format was what it was.

I am relatively new here, so this may have been discussed previously. If so, my apologies.

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Absolutely. This is Putin throwing Trump a bone and Jong-Un a bigger bone.

This set-up began months ago when Putin started publicly emphasizing his countries "advances" in nuclear capability....the larger megaton weapons, supersonic cruise missile, diagrams of a nuclear torpedo. Then he announced his position on nuclear attacks on any Russian allies. He stated that he would consider it an attack on Russia itself and respond in kind.
At first I saw this as a ham-handed attempt to intimidate the West. But now I see it differently. This announcement sort of cemented his role as the leader of his own version of NATO. It also gave North Korea a lot more wiggle room as to how aggressive it's nuclear program would need to be. Why should NK continue to expend its scarce resources on nuclear arms when they can live safely under Russian protection? The wiser course would be to call for negotiations with the aim of undoing economic sanctions. So, they give up nothing, plug a hole in the economy and gain worldwide stature as an equal with the United States, all with no risk.
Meanwhile, Trump needs two things:
A distraction from the Russia investigation.
A "win" of some kind that his base can use to justify continued support.

So not only is Putin throwing Trump a bone, but Trump has no choice but to take it. How would it look in the eyes of the world if he refused to talk?

But have no doubt, the bone with the most meat on it went to Kim Jong-Un. If there is such a thing as "face," he just gained a great deal of it. The President of the United States......is coming to him.

What did Putin get? Unlimited license to sell his oil and gas to a North Korea, now flush with cash due to the ending of sanctions.
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