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Gender: Male
Hometown: FL
Home country: USA
Current location: N FL scrub
Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,922

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Trump would tie a dead hamster around his wife's neck if it would serve as a distraction.

That's all this is. Same with Giuliani except he is a hamster that still keeps talking.

Maybe, just maybe.....something might be in the air.

I have lived in this heavily Republican (but beautiful) mountain town for ten years. There are approximately 16 houses on my street.
Until this year I have rarely seen anything but Republican yard signs. Not this year. There are zero signs supporting Morgan Griffith (R), 9th District, Virginia, for U.S. House of Representatives....a Tea Party weasel. However, several signs supporting Democrat Anthony Flaccavento are already in place.
This is not a wealthy area, but hard working and 97% Caucasian. But people I have talked to are royally pissed about the 2019 proposed budget and cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, etc......to pay for the tax cut sham. They are also fed up with Trump and his lying. I don't know if Flaccavento can win, but at least it may be competitive. I just sent him $50.
I need my sign.....

Attack ads: Why are we not doing them now? Who needs a candidate?

First of all, I do NOT watch TV much, so my point may be moot and I am just out of the loop. But when I do watch TV I have not yet seen any anti-Trump ads. I assume it is because that is usually done after a Democratic candidate has been selected.
The need to get a head start is obvious because everyday this country is falling farther and farther into a spiral which the MSM does a pretty poor job of trying to stop. Maybe it is past time for the DNC (or ?) to start regularly pointing out the lies, corruption, incompetence....can I say corruption again?.....the divisiveness, the racism......et al. Why play by the rules if only one side is going to do that? Trump campaigns every single day. He does not govern, he destroys.

Why not start now? If it is a money issue I will kick in something. I think most Democrats are really tired of waiting for Mueller to fix things, although I do have faith that the final result will be highly damaging, if not fatal, to the Trump administration. Start fighting back and slinging mud. Every time Trump whines "fake news" smack him in the mouth with a rebuttal and put it out on national TV, Cable, wherever. Target Sinclair stations to start with.

Like I said, if this is already happening, I am sorry for wasting your time. But I haven't seen it.
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