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Gender: Male
Hometown: FL
Home country: USA
Current location: N FL scrub
Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,885

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Trump would tie a dead hamster around his wife's neck if it would serve as a distraction.

That's all this is. Same with Giuliani except he is a hamster that still keeps talking.

Maybe, just maybe.....something might be in the air.

I have lived in this heavily Republican (but beautiful) mountain town for ten years. There are approximately 16 houses on my street.
Until this year I have rarely seen anything but Republican yard signs. Not this year. There are zero signs supporting Morgan Griffith (R), 9th District, Virginia, for U.S. House of Representatives....a Tea Party weasel. However, several signs supporting Democrat Anthony Flaccavento are already in place.
This is not a wealthy area, but hard working and 97% Caucasian. But people I have talked to are royally pissed about the 2019 proposed budget and cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, etc......to pay for the tax cut sham. They are also fed up with Trump and his lying. I don't know if Flaccavento can win, but at least it may be competitive. I just sent him $50.
I need my sign.....

Attack ads: Why are we not doing them now? Who needs a candidate?

First of all, I do NOT watch TV much, so my point may be moot and I am just out of the loop. But when I do watch TV I have not yet seen any anti-Trump ads. I assume it is because that is usually done after a Democratic candidate has been selected.
The need to get a head start is obvious because everyday this country is falling farther and farther into a spiral which the MSM does a pretty poor job of trying to stop. Maybe it is past time for the DNC (or ?) to start regularly pointing out the lies, corruption, incompetence....can I say corruption again?.....the divisiveness, the racism......et al. Why play by the rules if only one side is going to do that? Trump campaigns every single day. He does not govern, he destroys.

Why not start now? If it is a money issue I will kick in something. I think most Democrats are really tired of waiting for Mueller to fix things, although I do have faith that the final result will be highly damaging, if not fatal, to the Trump administration. Start fighting back and slinging mud. Every time Trump whines "fake news" smack him in the mouth with a rebuttal and put it out on national TV, Cable, wherever. Target Sinclair stations to start with.

Like I said, if this is already happening, I am sorry for wasting your time. But I haven't seen it.

Curious about pensions and health care if a government official is convicted of a felony.

For instance, Nunes, Ryan, McConnell, Trump, maybe many others could possibly be convicted of serious crimes. Would they still be able to keep their pensions and healthcare for life? I know they could eventually be pardoned, but the convictions would still stand....correct?

Another POS move flying under the radar a bit

Just was over on another website reading about the situation in Louisiana. Eviction notices set to go out 10/8 for over 30,000 nursing home residents due to proposed Medicaid cuts. Effective July 1. Not a 100% done deal yet, but close to it.

I had gotten sort of down today. Not sure why.

But with a "Caddyshack" and "Blazing Saddles " doubleheader tonight it helps....

Whatever Mueller has found could be disappointing.

On the other hand, whatever Mueller has found could be remarkable.

On the other, other, other hand, Mueller may not even be the last person over seeing this investigation.

See what happens and meanwhile.....vote....and drag grandma with you....but don't tell her I said so....

interesting diversion, "The Manchurian Candidate"is on STDIO right now.

Watching Scarface and heard a line Dems should consider.

Pacino is lecturing his security chief : "We are just not hungry anymore!"

To me, this is the state of the Democratic party. We had a good run under Obama and then went on vacation (okay, not everyone). But it is true that we do not fight fire with fire. We have the majority of voters (barring suppression efforts). The truth in my opinion is we may not have the comfort zone to overcome the right wing propaganda machine. Too much work, not enough money

Here is the truth:

We only have to win this battle in 2018 and 2020. It is right around the corner. Citizens United, Gerrymandering. Voter suppression. FCC rules. Collective bargaining. All of these things CAN be reversed and must be reversed. But it will not happen unless all of us try to influence the turnout.

Contact local groups who think the same way and go have a cup of coffee. There are more than you think and it is not that hard to do. If you don't want to hold a sign on a street corner, at least donate what you can.

Sessions will be in charge of investigating Cohen??? WTF??

Saw an article at Raw Story which said Sessions would lead the investigation into Michael Cohen. Since Cohen is being investigated for many things, including ties with Russia, meetings in Prague, etc., how can Sessions "un-recuse" himself?

I smell a rat.........pretty much every day now.

Sorry if this has already been discussed. I didn't see anything indicating that it has been.
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