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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
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A.O.C. and the Amazon pullout from N.Y.C,

I wonder if the decision to pull out of N.Y.C., was to put the skids on A.O.C. and left Democrats.

This will give Republicans ammunition on arguing that Dem positions cost jobs.

If she goes and other 2018 elected Dems go, Bezos and the billionaires get to keep their money. Giving up N.Y.C. would be a small price to pay.


Physician Assisted Suicide debate.

This is, again under discussion.

A primary objection seems to be about relatives pressuring people to end their lives because they don't want the care burden or worry about the cost of long term care.

What about the possibility of a downloadable statement. "I do not and never will want physician assisted suicide as an action for myself." Or a similar statement.

They can sign it and give it to their primary physician(s) as part of their care folders. It can also be given to their attorneys.

Would this be a reasonable answer to that objection?
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