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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Western North Carolina
Member since: Tue Jan 30, 2018, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 964

About Me

Really glad to be in my 70's--the future is going to be rough for the folks who are young now. Just my opinion.

Journal Archives

Our vaccination appt was cancelled

It's my fault. We got the call that we could register on a Friday. We both went online and registered. By Saturday night, we had not received the confirmation email they had promised. I called the phone number on Monday and got us registered.

I imagine they had perhaps 40 doses. This small town in western NC has no cell phone service and only occasionally internet connection. I should have known better and gone with the most archaic method available, the telephone. We drove out to find the health dept yesterday so we would know where it was. Cars were in line for their vaccinations. Those were smart people who knew to use the telephone, perhaps a rotary dial one, to register.

I have learned my lesson, we live in circa 1970. I am back to expecting to get the vaccine sometime from August-October. My husband is now 71, I will be 70 in April. We will be lucky if it comes to this backwoods place (with all the trump signs still up) by late summer.

Actually in tears in disappointment. But, my fault for living in this century instead of pre-internet and -cell phones.

Are there any collaborative online writing sites still up?

These were popular 10 years ago and some even more recently. Now they almost all seem to be gone. Some have turned into games, with "cards" to play in the story, which is ok if that's all there is out there. The only one I can find even a tiny bit active is storium.com, and it seemed to start dwindling in 2015 (based on reddit comments) so I'm a bit late to that party. I always loved collaborative writing, and it seems like an ideal activity for these COVID times, but I'm coming up empty-handed in searches.

Anyone know? And sincere apologies if this is off-topic for this group, but it's the only writing one I could find here.

Amazon takes down Parler

At least temporarily. Amazon's web-hosting service has removed Parler from the internet here in the US. Parler is of course going to look for a new hosting service (Murdoch will likely provide one, IMO) but in the meantime, this is good news!


(If the link doesn't work, front page of Huffington Post this morning 1/10)

To milk or not to milk?

Here's a distracting non-political question--do you add milk to scrambled eggs? My husband does. I never have. A Google search brings up a fascinating mix of "Milk is a vital addition" to "Adding milk ruins your scrambled eggs!" I have to admit that his scrambled eggs have a better texture than mine, but that may be more due to the cooking method--I scramble a lot more than he does. Our eggs are always fantastic as far as quality--they come from our own chickens. So--do you add milk? Why? Or why not?
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