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Member since: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 08:31 AM
Number of posts: 24,864

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And one more

(just for Glamrock)

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Everyday People

A great song with a great message -

Who's That Lady

It's Your Thing

To All DUers

If I could sit out on the patio tonight on a warm summer evening with a nice cool drink and thank you all for saving my sanity this year .....

This is what I would play for us to listen to.

Oh, that solo by Ernie Isley! What a gifted guitar player!

Happy Birthday, Edge


I heard this on the radio this morning

There is a talk show on local AM morning radio here that really brings out the hateful Trumpsters. I never listen to it, but....

I was in my car and searching for something else and by mistake came upon this fouling of the airwaves. They were talking about LeBron James. This guy on the phone -- I couldn't believe my ears -- was saying how LeBron's new school in Akron was the most terrible thing for our country .... because .... kids that get chosen to go there will get everything for free ..... breakfasts and lunch, books, computers, backpacks, school supplies, food pantry for the family, a bike, etc. etc. And all that does is teach them that everything in life should be free and that you don't need to work for anything because there's always some way to get it for free. And that makes them grow up into entitled adults!

I am so appalled that anyone could put this kind of spin on LeBron's school. I don't even know if I'd have been able to call in the show and rebut this fool, I was so angry and rattled.

How bad are the Mets?

NEW YORK (AP) NEW York Mets fans struggling with their team's lousy season now have somewhere to cope besides sports talk radio.

An online mental health marketplace is giving free, confidential therapy sessions to Flushing faithful who fill out a form asking for their most difficult moments as fans.

New York-based UMA Health made the offer this week after Tuesday's 25-4 loss to the Washington Nationals, the worst loss in Mets history.

UMA says the lighthearted promotion is meant to bring attention to the important role of therapy. The company says it wants to eliminate the stigma of going to a therapist.


Hey Floyd

What's the return policy on a boomerang?

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