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Member since: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 08:31 AM
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The most hilarious tweet from a Trump so far this year

Eric Trump thinks Ellen deGeneres is part of the Deep State.



I read this today in the New York Times.


Basically, they're saying that businesses and corporations are all aglow for the coming year over the promise by Trump that he will take an axe to current "burdensome" regulations, and will not impose any new ones in the coming year. You can just hear this crowd singing "Happy Days Are Here Again!"

I found this overall cheeriness on the subject very off-putting, especially for the NYT. Very little focus was made on what effects this hands-off policy is going to have on down the road.

Building into wetlands will now be allowed. What happens when the next hurricane comes along? Mining companies will now be able to legally dump their toxic detritus into streams. How will that affect flora and fauna, as well as well water in the area? The NLRB reversed a decision making companies more responsible for decent working conditions for contractors' employees. And on and on.

Is this for real? Or am I off base here?

What do conservatives talk about?

I am sorta new to DU, lately, and I can't help but notice the wide variety of subjects that all of you enjoy and are passionate about.... Books, movies, nature, music, cooking, science, photography ........

That got me to wondering, what do right wing conservatives talk about? If they're all like Donnie, they don't read books. They think education is only for "liberal elites." They consider Hollywood full of "liberal loons", so they probably don't watch movies. I can't picture Donnie sitting through a play or a concert. They don't seem to value nature much, or appreciate our beautiful planet. They dismiss scientific facts as "fake news". So, I got to wondering, what the heck do they talk about when they're together? The weather? The stock market? Anyone have any ideas???
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