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Member since: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 07:31 AM
Number of posts: 25,521

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A great book for those interested in outer space and being an astronaut

If anyone here is fascinated by space travel and reading about what it takes to be an astronaut, I highly recommend "Endurance" by Scott Kelly. He is the twin brother of Mark Kelly, who is married to Gabby Giffords. Both Kelly brothers are astronauts.

Republicans want to end your employer-provided health care

This is no joke! While we're all preoccupied on the shithole thing, look what those sneaky bastards are trying to sign into law!

I can't believe it....


An example of an immigrant from a "s******e" country

From Nick Kristof in the New York Times

"Who better embodies our nation’s values? A politician with a history of racist comments who took five deferments to escape military duty in the Vietnam War, including one for heel spurs? Or a heroic Ghanaian immigrant and soldier who dies in a fire while rescuing others?"


Donald and the 25th amendment

I'm starting to lean toward not pursuing this angle (insanity) and just holding Donnie accountable for his destruction of America. I'm beginning to think that he's not insane, he's just a big jerk. At the very most, he has a personality disorder.

Anyway, this is a good opinion piece from The Guardian that makes sense to me.


One of the best cartoons so far this year


I wish I could send out a letter to the rest of the world somehow

And tell everyone in other countries that the majority of Americans are disgusted with this vile, racist asshole. He does not represent the vast majority of decent Americans.

The Party of Convicted Criminals

Republicans have Four Convicted Criminals running for Congress in 2018.

Remember when they used to call themselves the "Party of Law and Order"?


Medicaid Work Requirements

I'm so furious, I'm ready to spit tacks, so I hope this post makes sense.

This is about Seema Verma and Trump and their condescending attitudes towards Medicaid recipients who aren't working.

First of all, let me say that I believe that, if someone is scamming the system, then they absolutely should be kicked off Medicaid. That goes without saying.

But ......

I can think of two scenarios that are pretty common where an able-bodied person should be allowed to receive Medicaid.

1. A single mom with small children. If Republicans want to institute work requirements, they'd better be prepared to provide free quality daycare to single moms, and that isn't cheap.

2. A parent or spouse who is a caregiver to an ill spouse or to a special-needs child. Do Republicans want these selfless family members to go work at McDonald's "because it is good for them" and leave a special needs family member to languish at home or in the care of strangers (which would be costly as well, and, again, who would pay for that)?

Republicans are so goddam clueless as to what people in the real world have to go through! I despise them all! They are so goddam sanctimonious and judgmental when they look at a poor person.

And, when Verma was in charge of Medicaid in Indiana, get this .... Medicaid recipients were required to deposit a small monthly premium into a bank account, say $20. And if they missed a payment, as punishment they were booted off Medicaid for six months! How does this help anyone??? "They need to have skin in the game," was the reason, I've read. Well I know some families to whom an extra $20 a month is a hard thing to come by. And the paperwork involved to keep track of all these folks proved to be so costly, it actually cost the state MORE to institute this stupid program than it did to just give poor people the Medicaid.

Again, I'm so mad I'm seeing red, and I hope my post makes sense.

Buyers' Remorse among marijuana users

Trump fans are fuming over Sessions' crackdown on marijuana use.


If any of you need a good laugh

Log onto Breitbart and look at the comments about DACA and the wall,. They're going full out bat shit crazy over there, even for them! It's hilarious!
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