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Member since: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 08:31 AM
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Today is the anniversary

Today is the 8th anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. It's proponents boasted it would increase democracy by expanded political voices. It sure did -- the voices of those with mega cash or who owned corporations gained even greater constitutional "rights" by a majority of Supreme Court justices who believe money is constitutionally-protected free speech and corporations have "personhood" protections. So do you feel your political voice is heard more frequently and forcefully by our elected representatives that 8 years ago? Me neither.

Puppy paddling paws while riding a bike


after the ad, of course

Another lawsuit for Dumpy and Pruitt?

Commercial fishermen and environmental groups could file lawsuits against the Trump administration, if it fails to follow a recommendation by one of its own agencies to protect salmon, sturgeon, orca and other endangered species in the Pacific north-west.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently issued a long-awaited opinion on three organophosphate pesticides – chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion.

It did so after a long court fight. Environmental groups sought publication of the opinion while the Trump administration, supported by pesticide manufacturers, pushed for a two-year delay.

The 3,700-page federal report was issued on 29 December. The scientists warned that the widely used pesticides pose a threat, through run-off into rivers and oceans, to dozens of endangered and threatened species.


Note that Dow Chemical wrote a $1 million check to help underwrite Dumpy's inauguration. No surprise here, eh?

I'm looking for suggestions for a healthy dinner

Something that appeals to men with hearty appetites, healthy, doesn't bust your budget, and is quick to prepare. Although the last one could be overlooked if it's a crockpot meal.

Oh, and we don't eat red meat.


Friday night is Pizza Night at my house

Tell me what kind of pizza is your favorite.

Mine is Brier Hill pizza. Not sure if anyone outside of NE Ohio is familiar with it. Thick crust, Romano cheese, peppers.

I wish these "pro lifers"

Would stop their idiotic yammering about UNBORN life and show some concern for life that's ALREADY HERE!

An example...... In my state, the infant mortality rate is abysmal. In some cities like Youngstown and Cleveland, infants die within their first year of life at the same rate as third world countries! Talk about an utterly shameful statistic!

Poorer moms and babies don't do well because they for the most part don't have access to prenatal care and newborn care or they simply cannot afford it. Pilot programs in other states have shown marked improvements in mom/baby quality of life when proper medical care is provided and a visiting nurse sent to the home for the entire first year of life to check up on the new moms and kids. (But, of course they ALWAYS run out of money) .....Why don't these bloomin idiots rally in Washington to support access to doctors and hospitals for low income moms and babies? I thought they wanted to save lives??? We always seem to have money for the military and to give rich people even more money, yet this issue goes on and on with very little concern.

When they yammer on about "Abortion stops a beating heart!" .... doesn't poor or no medical care do the same thing???

Trump Administration Give Health Workers Who Oppose Abortion New Protections

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it was taking new steps to protect doctors, nurses and other health workers who have religious or moral objections to performing abortions or sex-change operations, or providing other medical services.

The move, one day before the annual March for Life in Washington, was a priority for anti-abortion groups.

Administration officials urged people to report discrimination to a new unit of the federal government: the conscience and religious freedom division of the office for civil rights at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Roger Severino, the director of the civil rights office, promised that he and his staff would thoroughly investigate every complaint.

For too long, Mr. Severino said, the federal government has ignored such complaints or treated them with “outright hostility.”

Supporters of the new office, like the Family Research Council, welcomed it as a way to protect the rights of health care professionals.

Critics said the administration was giving health care providers a license to discriminate, and they raised the possibility that some doctors might deny fertility treatments to lesbian couples and that some pharmacists might refuse to fill prescriptions for certain types of contraceptives. In such situations, patients could suffer, and health care workers could violate professional or ethical obligations.

“Donald Trump’s administration is handing out permission slips for hospitals and providers to deny individuals, including women and LGBT patients, access to a full range of health services including life saving emergency care,” said Dawn Huckelbridge, director of the Women’s Rights Initiative at American Bridge, a Democratic advocacy group. “If there is any doubt about how morally repulsive, politically unpopular, and far-reaching the consequences of this rule will be, crafting it in secret behind closed doors and without public input says all you need to know.”

Eric D. Hargan, the acting secretary of health and human services, said the new initiative carries out an executive order issued last year by President Trump, who said that people of faith would no longer be bullied or silenced.



Those poor right wing Christians .... so bullied! So silenced!

Last time I checked, abortion was a legal procedure. If a healthcare worker cannot bring him or herself to aid in a legal healthcare procedure for women, I suggest a change in career. My two cents.

Three examples of scary stupid - and these idiots vote????

Here are three after-article comments I've read recently from my local newspaper. They aren't exactly as worded, but mostly.

1. "President Trump is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents ever! Right now he's up there with Washington and Lincoln. I think he may even surpass Lincoln after he's all done."

2. "Kick everyone off Medicaid and use the money saved to build the Wall!"

3. Re the opioid crisis: "Stop reviving them. Problem solved."

How can you reply to stupidity like this? I have mostly given up interacting with these cretins.

I got into it with a nutter in the local paper recently

over the fact that Dump was having an affair with this porn star for nearly a whole year, while Melania was pregnant, no less, and what a slime bucket Dumpy is.

This dodo brain says "She signed a paper saying that she never had any affair with him! The media is just making things up like they always do!"

I said, it is a fact that his lawyer arranged for her to be paid $130,000. If they didn't do anything inappropriate, how come he paid her all that money? Geez, if someone paid ME $130,000, I 'd sign anything!

I haven't gotten a reply back yet.

Can somebody help me understand this?

Why don't Republicans want us to have health insurance?

Before Obama came along, health insurance was alarmingly expensive. When my kids were still home, our health insurance premium cost nearly 1/3 of my husband's paycheck.

Then Obamacare and Medicaid expansion came along, and millions of Americans could finally afford coverage, many of whom had not seen a doctor in their whole lives.

But Republicans said, oh, no, we can't have that! Government doesn't belong meddling in health care! So once they stole power in 2016, they made it their life mission to dismantle the ACA, cut by cut until we have what we have today. Next they plan to make it more difficult to receive Medicaid. And NOW they want to take an axe to the mandate that all businesses who employ over (is it 30 or 50?) people that they must provide a minimum requirement health care plan! So, in essence, any employer of this size can just cut off its employees from company subsidized health insurance?? The thing is, all these cuts, and no plan or no talk of replacing them with anything else. Just, sorry Charlie, you're on your own. Don't get sick.

I honestly think that Republicans want us to all die off before we reach Medicare age, so they don't have to give us Medicare!
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