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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
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Cassidy Hutchison IS a Profile in Courage,

Giving a truthful complete accounting of what was happening in public under oath showed the amount of courage this young lady has knowing many of these corrupt criminals would turn on her . These cowards now are going to try to project her as a liar because they have to in undermining the truth she told, any way they can.

Those making damming claims against her , and refusing to testify under oath are criminals, and cowards, and why she fears for her safety now. We need more brave people coming forward exposing these criminals now, and stop the erosion of the truth, and people who tell it.

Cassidy is a hero, and deserves great things for doing what's right.

Get ready for his outlandish claims,

Stuff like he's the most honest and non violent person in the world. He loves projecting the opposite of the truth about himself and others. He lies and uses projection as a defense, and to con his supporters claiming they're always the victims, and are entitled because they've been victimized. Its his pattern.

Could TFG face murder charges for Jan 6th?

Since people died from that attack, and he knowingly incited them then sent them there with weapons.

Is there any law stating all pardons given before leaving office, and must be publicly divulged?

If not there should be, and the TFG should be called before Congress under oath , or given to Congress and the DOJ a complete list of all pardons he gave, or face criminal and civil penalty's if refused, or falsified .

TFG's followers must think he's really stupid,

Claiming the election was stolen, but refuses to produce proof in court to get it ruled on, lol. TFG did the same thing with his claims President Obama wasn't born in the USA, Hillary's e-mails, and her foundation was corrupt, and President Biden and his son were corrupt. Now its election fraud, after he defrauded them out of 250 million for a fund that never existed, lol. He must be really stupid, lol.

Will we soon find out TFG was behind these groups of people terrorizing people at their homes?

Organized by his dirty tricksters to intimidate them and prevent others from doing the right thing. TFG is a political domestic terrorist, and the Republican party is complicit . Abuse of power used to terrorize opposition, and to influence election results is criminal , and should have serious consequences, or it'll continue.

This is exactly why a sitting president should be charged criminally while in office,

Not allowing that to happen ensures it will happen again.

What Ivanka really said,

She didn't respect her dad, and knows he's a serial liar, a con artist , and a corrupt criminal , and won't be used by him to project his election propaganda. She said she respected Bill Barr's finding over her dad , and her and Jared show now they want to publicly distance themselves from his lies , and deceptions, which undermines his propaganda slogan the election was stolen. Her dad's statement was misleading, and he tried to project she knew nothing, when she did knew what he was trying to do. She just didn't want any part of it.

Once again TFG exposes his clear pattern he uses,

He planned in advance claiming the election was stolen, while he was actively working to try and steal the election. You'd think his rubes would catch on to this con trick by now.

So many republicans have no idea they're backing fascist,

TFG isn't a republican at all, and never has been. These fascist have infiltrated their party by corrupting and compromising them one by one, then force them into more corrupt actions. TFG has used propaganda professionally, like falsely claiming President Obama wasn't born here, claiming his investigators were finding stuff when they weren't, and Hillary's emails were criminal and they weren't, Hillary and Bill's foundation was corrupt and it wasn't, President Biden and his son Hunter were corrupt and they're not, and on and on.

Fascist do this, lie, lie lie, tricking people into believing them over the truth, and why they attack the media claiming they're the enemy of the people because the truth undermines their propaganda. Now they use the election was stolen from them, when they know it wasn't, but use it to try to legislate ways to corrupt the elections, and incite the people to use violence.

Fascist claim they're victims, and their followers are being victimized. They accuse others of what they're doing, which is while they're victimizing their own followers by feeding them propaganda , and lies about others. Many Republicans have no clue these people are fascist they're backing, and will eventually lose their vote too at some point. By the time they realize these people are corrupt domestic terrorists, and liars, it'll be to late.

TFG knows his claims of the election being stolen is a lie. If he had anything to prove it was stolen, he would have used it in a courtroom under oath long ago. He's doing the same things again, lying to con people into believing his lies, because he knows people are easy to con.
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