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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,855

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trumps doing the same thing again,

Claiming he wants an election not corrupted, saying others want to corrupt it, while everything he's doing is doing just that to corrupt it any way he can. He did this with the Mueller investigation claiming he wanted to testify under oath and there was no collusion , when he refused to testify under oath, and had Barr lie about its results. trumps corruption knows no bounds, and he knows he is the one that will tie it up in the courts when he loses , because he can. Just like he's tried to tie up all legal cases he wants to keep from exposing his corruption with. He could with putin have plan to pressure electoral voters, using information against them gathered illegally, to control their votes with again to win . This will only escalate from trump and putin. trump will threaten the American people any way he can to hurt them to claim its their fault they didn't vote for him. He's done that in business many times before. trumps exposing his own corruption attempts when he projects them onto others.

Trump claiming peaceful protesters are anarchist

Show this has been well planned from him and Putin. Trump has been having his people here and abroad meet with anarchist groups to infiltrate protesters to incite violence, and incite attacks on businesses to use for trump to claim protesters are criminals running rampant , and attacking law enforcement people. Why, because he wants reasons to claim martial law to not have the election. Trump has to prevent this election seeing it's now heading towards an embarrassing landslide, so he has instigated conflicts, used anarchist to help , then blame protesters as the problems, and then use Barr to criminalize then, like putins done in Russia. Trump may even resort to murder and bombing to use to blame them with. Putin has a history of doing this too. Trump will escalate this very quickly to do worse. We.re being turned into putins Russia now.

What will trump start doing next ?

I think complete firing of the FBI, then rename it and rehire only complete loyalist to prevent getting exposed, and to destroy all evidence they have against him. I think putin is behind this , and pushing trump to do this also to help undermine and further corrupt elections with more.

What trump and Moscow Mitch are doing now

Stalling payouts, and stiffing us with a paltry $100 a week will piss people off so much they'll turn numerous states blue for us, and create lifelong Democrats , especially the younger people and the kids being forced back to school while a deadly pandemic is raging across the country. trumps trying to stiff us like he does to contractors, while claiming his greatness and success , falsely, and its backfiring on them .

I got an counter offer to trumps payroll tax reductions he knows will hurt Social Security

Reduce reductions to those only under $150,000, and raise the limits of those going up to the highest wage earners a lot too, not to just cover the reductions what would be lost , but even more to cover what they've stolen from the Social Security funds program over the years, and heading it back up. The wealthy needs to pay up now for not paying more all along, and not pass it in the House unless they do. The majority of the American people would gladly be in favor of doing that. trump wouldn't , because he wants to pay less into it, and wants to destroy it , like he's trying to do to health care , and now trying to promote trash can health care policies.

Trumps unconstitutional acts against protesters

Are to change the narrative away from the virus, and for him to promote himself as a law and order advocate, and Biden as against the police and law and order. He's desperate to get the virus out of the headlines, and like he's done getting putins bounties against American service members with his approval , and doing nothing to Putin for it out of the news cycle. He's claiming peaceful protesters are criminals just like he accused immigrants of all being hardened criminals.

trumps unconstitutional attacks on peaceful protesters are for these reasons I think,

1. Direct attention away from the virus, its killing his poll numbers, he knows its hurting him.
2. Reinforce his claim he's for law and order claiming these peaceful protesters are criminals
3. To control the news cycle, especially now and over a weekend
4. To use and claim Biden is against law and order, and try to pit the police and Biden against against each other with. He did this against Hillary too.
5. And to intimidate others from protesting with use of extreme violence by his secret unmarked police.
6. And to use against any judges who dare to rule against him, with more threats and accusations, and firings.
7. And to manipulate the media for his own political benefit . He has people leaking stories to the media do this with.
Even if the court claims its unconstitutional it served its purpose for him
Notice how little the media is talking about trump allowing putin to put bounties on and kill our service members is now, and how he got that off the front page news? He's doing this because it worked.

Is trumps rash of violence now in Portland for distractions?

Away from his taxes exposing him soon, or away from putin putting bounties on and killing American service members, and because the virus is licking trumps ass now? As the walls cave in on trump and his criminal enterprise I expect trump to intentionally escalate violence by abuse of his powers using any means he can to hurt Americans with, especially now as he sees his poll numbers spiraling downward out of control now. He is a monster , an evil we've never seen in OUR government , or the White House before , and he will exact his revenge knowing the people are running away from him and all republicans now. Is trump intentionally hurting the republican party, after he may have heard the party may dump him before the convention, so he'll hurt them too now? Republicans are going to turn on trump , its only a matter of when.

Trump shows how little he really cares about us and our kids

Pitching beans out of the White House oval office while people are getting a deadly virus. I see another campaign ad coming soon .

You know why trump is desperate ,

The end of his, and his family's criminal enterprise is about to go down. Its very obvious its taking a tole on his health now too. Before his taxes come out, i expect his resignation to try and keep them hidden because it exposes so much on him and his family, and their crimes. It'll tie him to putin too.
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