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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 02:22 PM
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Has Amy spoken tonight?

If so, what has she said?

So, what's the winning path for Amy, Biden, Pete and Warren?

Frankly, Biden must win in South Carolina. He doesn't and he's done. However, I am struggling to see how anyone else can change the trajectory of this race. Pete seems to be losing steam, Warren seems to be struggling to catch on and Amy has had some rough days lately.

Sanders is, slowly but surely, picking up steam and running away with this. South Carolina can reverse his fate, but apart from that... I am struggling to see it...

Silence in the face of bad behavior is tacit approval.

Don"t attack the Washington Post for reporting what you decided to hide.

It is clear now: Kamala dropped too soon.

This field is fluid as hell, and she could have recovered from the slump she was experiencing in the fall.


Your candidate is human, fallible, imperfect. Whoever this person happens to be, don't get so emotionally invested that you find yourselve unable to appreciate the good in other candidates. We want to win in November, and if we rally around whoever wins, it will happen. However, don't let your liking of a candidate cloud your judgement or weaken your sense of decency to the point of seeing those who oppose your choice as the enemy. You can support your candidate while respecting the choice of others.

As a Biden supporter

I am ready to support Amy (my initial choice before Joe got in) or Bloomberg if Joe decides to call it quits!

Don't forget this

You know, it's sometimes hard to understand why someone would support a candidate you don't like or that you simply consider bad. You might think that in order to ensure victory in November, you need to pressure or make people feel a bit hopeless or bad about their choice (to see if they come to their senses).

The thing is that people support their candidates because they truly believe they are good and honorable people with a plan to move their country forward. They supporting Biden (like I do) is not an attack on Warren, Bernie or anybody, and vice versa. If we are serious about winning in November, we WILL vote for whoever is the nominee.

For instance, stop telling people their candidate is toast, or that they need to jump to so and so's bandwagon. Let the process advance. If Biden fizzles out, for example, I will support someone else until we find our nominee. Simple. I am certain supporters of all other candidates will do the same, unless they were never Democrats in the first place.

So, if your candidate had a good start, great- congratulations. If yours did not, don't despair yet, as horse races are won down the stretch- and friends, we got a horse race in our hands!

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