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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 03:22 PM
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Trump is weak. We need to remember that.

Thinking about how Trump is quietly calling the GOP candidate in PA weak, haven't you noticed that Trump is selling a twisted sense of white, masculine strength to red America? They love it, because is a direct contrast with the new vision of America Obama represented: a racially mixed, intellectually advanced nation ruled by a non-traditional, less dominant form of masculinity (which would open the doors of power to women and other underrepresented groups). Trump, obviously, represents the unabashed dominance that male-run white America has had over the country (and, why not, over the world). His boorish behavior just reinforces the idea of him being the unapologetic king of the world, something his supporters feel they are as well through him.

But, what if Trump, to the eyes of his supporters, becomes a weakling? What if we, Dems, are able to articulate a message that exposed him not as dangerous, but as a total weakling who is being taken advantage of by Putin, Kim and special interests here at home? Someone who even an over the hill porn star is able to push around. Someone that lacks a spine, someone not without the ability to do what's right, but without the COJONES to do what's right. Someone we can mock openly, because he's just weak and pathetic.

Can we do it? Can the Democratic Party articulate the message that Trump is a weakling that we can mock, ridicule, and that we need to save our dignity by kicking him out of office?

Just thinking aloud.

Quick question: Where's Ben Carson?

Anyone knows what he has been up to at the Dept.of Housing? He's been hiding more than Betsy DeVos lately, and that's saying something...

Why are we talking about Donald's sex life

when Republicans refuse to stand up to the NRA, when DACA is almost dead, the WH is ridden with people that have been denied security clearances, when the poor are getting shafted, when Russia keeps killing our democracy thanks to Trump... Why should I give a damn about all the porn stars Trump has had sex with? If he used campaign money to silence them, then let's take care of that. However, let Melania and his kids question Trump in his roles as husband and father.

We are losing out country and they are using these stories to distract us. We live gossip and sex, so that's what we are getting as palliative care as we die...

This is not about mental illness!

It is about the empowerment of white nationalism and domestic terrorism in America. Why has the Trump Administration cuddled them? Let's frame this debate in a way that we can expose these bastards for what they are. This is domestic terrorism!

Trump wants to deny or revoke legal, permanent residency to people getting public assistance

even if it is for their US born children! WTF is going on here? [link:https://www.google.com/amp/amp.nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/02/trump-may-try-to-deport-legal-immigrants-who-get-benefits.html|

Sorry for the typo in the title. I hate typing on my cell!

Thanks for the heart!

It means a lot!

Who was the last decent Republican president?

I was born during the Reagan era, which means that the Republican Party I have known is the greedy, racist and warmongering political organization that has brought us Donald Trump. But, at what point did they became such an evil force in American politics? Who was the last Republican president that could be described as a decent human being with good intentions, even in disagreement with his policies?

McCabe is stepping down...

Are things about to get worse?

Is anyone sharing my hopelessness tonight?

I am in my 30s, so I had never lived under such an oppressive, racist and dangerous presidency. Not even W or Reagan, in my view. I feel we are witnessing something deeply horrible and transformative, as Trump has openly declared people of color the undesirable other. He is going after all of us hard, starting with the most vulnerable- undocumented and temporarily legal migrants of color. These are millions of colored folks this bastard is about to kick out. He is also going after LEGAL colored immigrants (my dad is a permanent resident from the Dominican Republic). Who says millions of legal immigrants will not wind up fucked up by the system because of some racist, shitty scheme? Where does it end? It doesn't. As long as they have power, the white nationalist garbage that rules us will not stop until they start putting Americans of color in "our place".

This shit is bad and it's getting to me. I had to vent.

President or Vice-President Holder...

Why? Why not? It came to my mind all of a sudden, and I'm intrigued by the idea. What are your thoughts?
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