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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 02:22 PM
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On Tapper, while saying she was sexually assaulted

Kellyanne said "Don't blame other people. You have to be responsible for your own actions."

WTF does that mean???

So, how many accusers have come out so far?

Why are we pretty much only hearing from the one with the PhD? Everyone seems to love to say Dr. Ford, but the other ladies are barely getting attention. We barely hear their names.

Why? Is there something about the level of education that makes Ford's allegation more compelling than the others?

Why is the GOP prolonging this damned circus?

This Kavanaugh thing is like a very bad soap opera. Now we have to hear this degenerate tell the nation through Fox News that he was a virgin for only God knows how long while women keep coming out exposing this creep. Meanwhile, Trump insults Puerto Ricans once again while flirting with creating a constitutional crisis...

It is too much, and we deserve it for being so stupid as a Nation to give a loser like Trump a chance to even be serious candidate for the presidency. We are living in Idiocracy.

Is this like the 1960s?

As someone who did not have the privilege to be alive during one of the most transformational decades in modern history, I wonder if we are living through a similar age today. In the 1960s, the darkness of racial discrimination faced the positive force of the civil rights movement, one of the most atrocious wars in recent memory was countered with a massive and revolutionary Anti-War movement, and gender discrimination saw the power of the women's rights movement. MLK and RFK assassinated here at home, 1968 in Mexico, Paris... A decade of unprecedented social change against very dark and regressive policies and attitudes... very tough years that had be endured so that posterior decades could reap the benefits.

Are we in a similar historical moment right now? The ugliness of racial and gender discrimination, the fight against an oppressive patriarchy that has condoned sexual violence and oppressive social mechanisms for too long, the fight for the survival of Western democracies (including our own), the dark cloud of authoritarianism and fascism threatening us, the constant threat of gun violence in our neighborhoods... I feel like we are in the midst of a very trying, exhausting, difficult but incredibly necessary moment in our history. Even though it feels kind of overwhelming, I guess we have all been chosen, along with the upcoming members of Generation Z, to be part of this moment that will bring long lasting changes to the world...

So, are the 2010s the new 1960s? Don't know, but I only hope our side wins...

Are we going to take the Senate too?

Are our chances any good? Discuss!
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