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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 02:22 PM
Number of posts: 3,181

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If you are on Biden's corner...

Please take a second to say hello!

Joe Biden , Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete deserve some love tonight.

Don't hate on them. They are great and by any of them winning, we will be in great hands.

Can you point me to the perfect Democratic candidate?

The one that has never made a mistake? The one that has never needed to grow professionally ir personally throughout the years? The one whose past us so squeaky clean that we would all want to be this person?

What are we looking for as a society in these days? It seems we are too focused in finding the past flaws of people and trying to right all the social and economic wrongs of the past with out choice, and that's simply not the way life works. Our candidates will all be imperfect and should represent the progress we can have today, not the panacea of a distant future. Clinton was a philanderer and Obama used drugs in his youth. Still, they represented a step foward in our progress as a nation.

We got some progress and then we got W and Trump. Several steps backwards, but that's life right there. Don't expect ideological purity, perfection or incredible feats from the women and men running for the Dem nomination. They are all good, flawed people with their hearts in the right place, and they all want to get us out of the moral and spiritual shithole Trump got us into.

A black man was president. A woman is closer than ever to being so. An openly gay man is a top contender. There is an Asian-American in the mix as well. Progressive issues like universal health care and free college are on the table. Our representatives and senators reflectvthe diversity of America. We are on the right track, folks. Let's focus on our strengths, on developing and enhancing them... and let the best candidate win!

Our candidates need to all go after the cancerous tumor in the WH

and it's not Trump or Pence... it is this little man. Full of hate, ready to cause havoc. This is the mind behind Trump.

Stephen Miller. Our candidates need to pounce on him every day until he is gone from the WH.

By the way, ageism sucks.

People past 60 can be as intelligent, wise, capable, energetic, sexy, friendly, loving, caring, fit, healthy, productive, compassionate, committed, socially active, technologically savvy, great friends, great colleagues, great neighbors, great teachers great family members, great lovers and most importantly, great human beings with still A LOT TO GIVE.... as valuable as any young person.

Our older brothers and sisters are a reservoir of knowledge and perspective. The young have the clean slate and the energy of starting, and the old the medals of having fought the battle.

Look at Bernie, Biden, Liz Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine and all the other active and productive seniors we have fighting the fight for a better America instead of hiding in the retirement community. Be thankful for them, and mindful when you mock or insult an older person. We all will be that person one day, and hopefully society will always give us a chance to be helpful and worthy.

From an 30-something millenial who has a crush on Rita Moreno, a big hug for all of our older DUers!

Who do you think will be our top 5 candidates by the end of the year?

Here's my prediction, in no particular order:

A) Kamala
B) Warren
C) Sanders
D) Mayor Pete
E) Biden

Notice my favorite candidate is not there, at least from what I see today. However, I hope he can gain traction as he does have good ideas IMO.

Advice for men out there.

From a touchy feely huy myself:

If you wouldn't say that to a dude or touch a dude that way, at school, work or whatever, then apply the same standard to women. If you become friendly with co-workers or whatever, let your female co-worker dictate how they want to greet you. Many of them will initiate the hug themselves. Others won't and that's cool too.

If you feel that in order to comfort a person you need to go beyond a small pat on the shoulder, offer a hug. It might be taken or it might not. You are just there to help.

We all need kindness. It's just a matter of offering it in diverse ways, because that's the way humankind is: diverse.

Republicans nominated and elected a pervert.

For instance, don't tell me America would have a problem electing a fine public servant like Joe Biden!

Caution: The right is going to weaponize our moral high ground

Guys, I feel this Biden situation needs to be seen as a cautionary tale, because what I see is that one side is taking advantage of some cultural shifts while the other is, without realizing, getting lost in them.

It is great that we are empowering people to speak up about misbehavior from powerful people in the past, and that some people are getting prosecuted for past criminal behavior that was swept under the rug. However, we need to be careful with being overzealous with all of this, or of confusing some social awkwardness from some individuals with potentially predatory behavior.

The other side has taken a position that resonates with many when it comes to these issues: People make mistakes in the past, we care about the present and the future. Of course, they say that because they support criminals and abusers like the Grifter-In-Chief, but take a moment to think about how the narrative is powerful. Most people have done stupid shit in the past, many times unintentionally. While we are desperately looking for any minor flaw in our candidates and ready to flog them in the public square, the GOP gives Donald Trump a chance, and the bastard is giving his constituents what they want- as bad as those things are.

So, let's be careful here. We expect the best from our candidates, but we know they are human, and we have to be willing to evaluate them for the good they have done and the good they can do, not only for a past mistake or two, in particular, if the mistake is minor and can be corrected with an apology and with being more careful.

Our field has excellent people in it, flawed like you and me, but great people anyway- let's not lose perspective here!

Andrew Yang: Why or Why not?

Only candidate focusing on the future of work for Americans given the impending AI revolution.

What's your take on him?
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