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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,589

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"Donnie and Vlad: The Musical"

Inspired by actual events:

Vlad, a current president, and Donnie, a former one, both under arrest warrants, accept an offer from Rudolf M. Lachlan, a billionaire media mogul, to sneak them out of their respective countries and hide them at his secret villa in Tenerife (“Me and my Buddy”). Soon after arriving, however, they find that Bonder Jameson, a relentless Interpol agent, is hot on their trail and just arrived ("Ketchup Stains" ).

Vlad and Donnie manage to slip Jameson and convince the captain of a tramp steamer to let them sail away on the ship. That’s when they discover that Ivan Armyalski, a general sent to Siberia the previous year, and Mal P. Ractice, one of Donnie’s previous lawyers, are also on the ship (“Damn, it’ a Small World”). After narrow escapes, and having no other choice, Vlad and Donnie push Ivan and Mal out of a fourth-deck porthole (“Polonium or Window”).

The ship arrives at the tiny South American country of Tangonia, where Vlad and Donnie find work as bartenders (“Ketchup and Vodka”). But before long, they realize that Jameson is still hot on their trail. They escape again and find their way to a tiny town in the boonies, where Vlad and Donnie reminisce about their previous lives (“Topless on a Horse” and “The Art of the Scam”). This is where they decide to hide forever and open a theatre that runs drag shows.

But Jameson finds them anyway (“I Got You Now, Sucka”) and, with the help of Mossad agents, kidnaps them and transports them to Guantanamo, where they are sentenced to life and assigned to the prisoner’s laundry (“Me and my Buddy,” reprise).

When this gets to Broadway, remember: you saw it here first.

From CNN: "Nothing in US history nears the tumult of the charging..."

"...and possible trial and conviction of a past president" by Stephen Collinson.

Er... excuse me, Stephen, but were you out of the planet during 9/11?

Another media jackass telling us what to think.

Was Pence's fly ordered to testify too?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

"Guns don't kill people: people kill people."

I don't want to hijack Tommy Carcetti's post on this subject, so I'm starting my own with a possible counter to that statement:

"Guns don't kill people: asshole politicians kill people."

Asshole politicians who take money from the NRA, asshole politicians who would sell their own mothers to keep their voters and stay in office, asshole politicians who don't give a rat's ass about anything or anybody unless it affects their own lives, asshole politicians who ignore their oath of office. Asshole politicians who have no business being in government.

End of rant.

CNN: What the rest of the world realizes about prosecuting former presidents

From CNN:


Prosecuting a former leader for wrongdoing isn’t sand in the gears of democracy; it’s a feature that keeps in check future leaders and reassures a nation that no one person, no matter his or her rank and influence, is above the law nor immunized from accountability.

America needs to take a deep breath and realize that if Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg ends up prosecuting Trump in the case relating to hush money payments to adult-film star Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, it won’t be the end of the world.

Turns out lots of former presidents have been indicted and imprisoned. More at link.

Question about the rioters who are being convicted.

Have they been in jail all this time, or did they mostly post bail?

All these GOP efforts to remove safeguards to voter fraud.

Hasn't it occurred to these geniuses that the Democrats could then use voter fraud to get their candidates elected?

Or is it a preamble to crying foul when a Democrat wins?

Did anyone else do this as a kid?

As a kid, like back in the late 50s early 60s...

My next door neighbor and I used to watch movies on weekends, like war stories, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, medieval stuff, and then go outside and act them out. We had a lot of suitable toys, but it was mostly about re-creating and re-imagining the stories.

Sometimes, when we didn't have a specific prop, like a ray gun, we would use sticks we found.

It was a lot of fun.

Is that fucker at Faux using the Jan 6 bullshit

to distract viewers from the lawsuit?

I dunno... the timing and the approach seem a little too convenient. Which may mean that McCarthy may be in on it.

Sometimes things get just a little too predictable.

My Sunday morning treat.

I just trashed all posts that include the name of the former guy. Now I don't even have to scroll past them.

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